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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lolly's Wish

This past year in Lolly's kindergarten class they talked a lot about American symbols, American Presidents, American history.  Did I mention American symbols?  Because a star is no longer a star around here.  It is an American symbol.  Which is great!  But there is one particular American symbol that my little Lolly girl became especially fascinated with.  The Liberty Bell. 
And when I say "fascinated" I actually mean that we talked about the Liberty Bell just about every single day.  The very first day she learned about it she was thrilled beyond measure because I actually knew what the Liberty Bell was.  Yes, I managed to pass Kindergarten American History with flying colors.  And when she found out that people can actually go to see the Liberty Bell IN PERSON she was AMAZED!

She has been so entranced with the Liberty Bell that she even found a book at the library about it.  By herself.  And we go to a pretty big library.  The girl is devoted!
We may have read that book one or ten times before returning it to the library.  We all now know a lot more about American history and the Liberty Bell specifically.  Yes, we're library nerds.  Be jealous.

A few weeks later Lolly's class was doing a project involving the "Star Light Star Bright" poem.  Lolly told me about her greatest see the Liberty Bell.  In Person.  She told me in the sweetest, most earnest way that I nearly started to cry.  Her devotion is so pure and complete. 
This little girl wants to see the Liberty Bell so much that we are constantly talking about it and how we could possibly even get to Philadelphia to see it.  And because Repeat goes along with whatever Peat wants (sometimes) Babs is also enamored with the Liberty Bell.  It has become a family obsession.  But it's a healthy obsession and not a creepy obsession.  Really.

So, my travel guru friends, how on Earth do I get my family to the Liberty Bell?!  On a budget?  Before it's too late and a family trip to see the Liberty Bell and other historical sites becomes lame? 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Baby is FOUR!

My Pretty Baby Babs just had a birthday and is now the proud owner of the age four. 
We had our usual week long celebration for Babs birthday which included her picking out a week of her favorite meals.  Totally stole that idea from Jessica of Duck Duck Cow.  I highly recommend it because they think it's the best thing ever and it's not like you won't be making dinner anyway.

We had a special birthday dinner (macaroni and cheese, of course) with the grandparents.  Then she got to open her presents, after waiting ever so patiently.

Even had her oh-so-helpful older sister helping out.
And the Princess Cake for the Birthday Princess!
This year she got to have her very first birthday party with friends.  There was the old favorite of Pin The Crown on the Princess, cookie decorating and a butterfly pinata.  The thing with birthday parties is that you're kinda busy and don't get much in the way of pictures, but here's the best I could find.
I'm pretty sure they all had a good time.  And I know Babs was one happy camper afterwards. 

Honestly, though, I cannot believe my baby is four years old.  And she can't believe it's taking so unbelievably long to grow up. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bike For Sale

That is the title I planned for my blog post sharing all the nitty gritty details of my Goldilocks ride.  I came up with it around mile 16.  Don't you come up with blog titles while going throughout your day?  Seriously, I can't be the only one that does that.  Anyway...mile for sale.  But let me back up a little.

My day began bright and early.  Well, early.  At 5:30 AM.  When I dragged my sagging behind out of bed.  Luckily I found some padded bike shorts for under $100 so the sagging wasn't as obvious.  CG and I got ready and let the girls sleep as long as possible.  But we still had to be to the park by 7 AM.  Although that didn't happen, it was the goal.  I also made an eclair cake.  Because...well, there is good reasoning behind my blog name.

So, we left and the girls were already happy and loud which made CG really look forward to the day.  I was fine, but a little nervous.  I was only a little nervous because I foolishly thought that a 20 mile ride was a reasonable expectation.  Oh, how naive.  I continually amaze myself.

The lovely ladies that I signed up with were doing the 40 mile ride and I was doing the 20 mile ride, but they let us start together since things were running a little behind.  Before we were even out of the park I was suckin' wind.  And I thought to myself, "Self, you really should have brought your inhaler".  Yes, you read that right.  My smart self completely forgot to take my inhaler.  For, ya know, asthma attacks.  Again, I amaze myself.

It probably goes without saying that I couldn't keep up with my 40-miler friends.  I did catch up for about 5 seconds while going down a hill.  But then there was the uphill part.  Back to suckin' wind for me.  I did manage to pass one person at one point but I lost count of how many people passed me.  That's not really something that I wanted to keep track of anyway.  Focusing on the positive....

My cute family met me at Skye Park where there was a rest stop.  This was about 10 miles into the race.  The first half was down and all I had left was the last half.  I was halfway done!  Well, almost half way done.  I had read that the actual route was 21 miles so that's what I was working towards.  Getting back on that bike at the rest stop was so hard.  There was my cute family hanging out at the park and the van that could carry me and my bike off into the sunset.  But I had to finish.  For many reasons.

Right around mile 12 is where things got a little...ugly.  Painful actually.  Excruciatingly painful.  And I have a pretty high pain tolerance.  Really, I do.  When I had Lolly, I was in labor for 30 hours with the first 15 hours of back labor being epidural free.  But I didn't cry.  When I was induced with Babs and I would have 3 contractions in a row, a 30 second break and then 3 more contractions, still I didn't cry.  I even managed to be polite when informing the nurse that I was ready for my blessed epidural.  I can take a lot.  By mile 13 I was a crying mess trying really hard to suck it up and stop crying already.  You just can not even imagine how embarrassing it is to tell you that.  And yet here I am....sharing it.

Now to be honest, I'm not really sure if it's because of my little issue or because I was that unprepared or maybe a combination of both.  I mean, I've been an off and on again spinner for 3.5 years and have been doing fairly well in my recent spin classes.  It's not like I haven't been on a bike in ten years and then signed up to bike 20 miles.  I really thought that I had set a reasonable goal.  Are you amazed at my stupidity yet?  Because that will be happening any minute now...

But I kept going.  Into the wind.  Through blood, sweat and tears.  Doing the walk of shame up every. single. hill. on the second half of the ride.  Even though a quick rescue was just a simple phone call away.  You must really be questioning my sanity now.  But I have a very good reason.  Two reasons to be exact.
These two girls, along with their very supportive Daddy, were waiting for me at the finish line.  Cheering me on.  And especially for one little girl who is scared of trying new things.  Because they need to see that you can do hard things.  Even when it totally sucks.

So I dragged my sorry self across the finish line, which thankfully came just after a down hill or I probably wouldn't have made it.  Unfortunately, I didn't feel triumphant in finishing.  I just felt like a total loser that it was so ridiculously hard for me to finish those blasted 20 miles.  22 miles, to be exact.  I also felt pain.  A lot of pain.  But I did finish.  And I stumbled into a neighboring field where I cried and stretched and pathetically cried some more.  Then I got up and carried on.  And got some ibuprofen.  Hopefully next time, I will have the same happy glow upon finishing that I saw on the other riders.  I might even say it's "fun".  Stranger things have happened.

All About Beige

I'm talking about the good, the bad and the beige over on MMB today so head on over and join in the fun.  And?  If you have any questions leave them in the comment section.  Design questions to be exact.  But if you're really in need of some bad advice go ahead and leave any question you want.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Spoilage

My Mother's Day this year included some homemade crafty goodness from my girls.   Which we all know I love. 
 Lolly made a card AND a footprint picture in school.  So cute.
And the girls filled out a "What I Love about Mom" paper at church.  So of course I have to share.

Lolly's Answers
I love you because you're my mom and you make my lunch!
You are so beautiful when you wear the dress you are wearing today.
You are the best cook ever when you cook bread.
I love it when we read, snuggle and cook.
I know you love me because I love you!  And you kiss me and give me loves.

Babs Answers
I love you because you love me.
You are so beautiful when you wear your dark pink dress. (That's the dress I was wearing.  Apparently my girls really like that dress.)
You are the best cook ever when you make macaroni and cheese.
I love it when we play together and learn together and write together.
I know you love me because you smile and me and think I'm cute.

CG also got me some chocolate that I really like and a new watch battery. more excuses about not knowing how to read a non-digital watch.  Other than that I struggle reading a non-digital watch.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goldilocks Confessions

This Saturday morning I have plans.  Big plans.  I'm riding in the Goldilocks race.  Now, I use the term "race" very loosely in referring to my own participation.  I'm not racing.  I'm riding.  And hopefully finishing my 20 mile route.  That is the goal.

See, when I registered for this lovely event (I think it was in February) I was so motivated.  I'd go to my spin class once a week and I'd be even more likely to go since I was "in training".  But then February came and brought along with it the plague.  Actually, several plagues, one right after another.  Then there was March.  And April.  Then, lo and behold, it was May.  MAY!?!?! 

As of last Saturday, my preparation had included two spin classes and some socks.  I'm happy to report that this week I've upped my game a bit and now have a bike to ride.  A road bike and my budget don't get along, so I got the lightest (and cutest) mountain bike I could afford.  I even got a water bottle that attaches to my bike, a bag for some junk and some gloves.  CG insisted on a monitor thingy that will make much more sense to him but will tell me how many miles I've gone.  And because I can do simple math I will know how many miles I have left.  I was planning on getting some padded bicycle shorts (hawt!) but rumor has it that they cost $100.  I think I'm more likely to put a pillow down my pants at that price.

So, if you're going to be in Herriman this Saturday come on out and cheer me on.  Or laugh.  Because the biggest difference between my bike and the spin bikes is that my bike can tip over.  The potential for humiliation is high.  But that means the potential for blog fodder is high as well.  Silver lining!

But I will leave you with this deep, although completely unrelated, quote that I read in my spin class this week.

"My goal is to be remembered for who I am, not for what people wished I was."
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