Names have been changed to protect the innocent...and my husband...and me...but not the dog. His name is Dexter.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tap, tap, tap....Hello? How are you?

2015 has a new name at our house.  2015 will now and forever more be known as The Year of Epic Change.  Epic change, I tell you.  Good change, but it was a level of change that cannot be simply summed up in one post.  I'll give you a little bullet point list for now, but I'll be going into more detail later on. Way more detail.  Possibly too much detail.

Presenting, my bullet point list!

  • Deciding to homeschool! (yes, really)
  • Deciding to move! (yes, really)
  • Building a new house
  • Selling our old house (quite the adventure)
  • Living in my inlaws basement while our house was completed
  • Getting a part time job
  • Homeschooling
  • Getting another part time job
  • Quitting both jobs 
  • The Holidays! (oh my gosh...)
And now here we are.  I have realized a lot of things over the course of the last year, but one thing is for sure.  I've missed blogging.  I got caught in the trap of thinking I needed to be making money from my blog in order to spend time on it.  But I was wrong.  I just like writing.  I love documenting the crazy journey that is my life.  It gives me perspective.  And I love looking at old posts of things I had forgotten about.  

So, here I am.  Here's to a boring 2016!  A year with a lot more blogging and a lot less crazy. (maybe) 

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