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Friday, February 29, 2008

Question of the Day

Question by Lolly, while pointing at the fabulous red patent leather shoes I was wearing on the first date I've had with my husband in who knows how long:

Lolly:"What are those?"
My Answer: "This is what people wear on their feet when they actually go outside!"
Lolly; "Oh."

Apparently I don't get out enough if my child doesn't recognize me with shoes on.


Happy Granny said...

Ummm, time for some guilt-free dating. That may be where the old saying "barefoot and pregnant" comes from. Probably some little kid couldn't figure out why mommy had her feet covered up.xoxoxo

Brad and Jenn said...

How true is that!! When ever I'm wearing anything but yoga pants, Owen looks at me and in an awed tone says "Mommy you are a princess!" I guess that means I need to get out more too!! Love ya Sar!

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