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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Locks and locks of Love

I like growing my hair long. And I like cutting it off. So, I decided that I might as well do it for a good cause and not just for something to do with my hair. Last year I decided to grow out my hair and donate it to Locks of Love. Recently I found out that my sister in law, we'll call her "S", was doing the same thing.
A couple of weeks ago S, another sister in law we'll call "K" and I went to get our hair cut. K doesn't really have enough hair to cut off, but she wanted to go along for the ride! I took my two girls and K brought her youngest child and S brought along her first baby that is currently in utero. It was quite the party! Since I don't have a thousand words to share with you, you'll have to settle for pictures.

S was the first to go under the...scissors.

Here's Lolly checking her cute self out in the mirror.
Babs is just hangin'. She's not all that interested in hair just yet.
And here I am getting my hair chopped off....without batting an eyelash!
And here we are, victorious with our charitable donations and fabulous new hair styles. Isn't S adorable with her cute little pregnant belly!

As you can see, S's pony tail is lovely and still intact. Mine, on the other hand, didn't even make it home in one piece! The elastic that was used to hold my hair in the pony tail had....well, lost it's elastic. In K's car it all started falling out. It was EVERYWHERE! Ten inches of hair was scattered from here to kingdom come. Thankfully, K just laughed. I got as much as I could, but since the elastic didn't really work all that well I had to kind of crumpled it up and wrapped the elastic around it as much as possible until I thought it would hold on until I could get home. My plan was to undo the ball, comb it out nicely and re-elastic it to send to Locks of Love. At this point, it's in a cupboard, reminding me everyday that it hasn't been done yet. Maybe sharing this with the world wide web will inspire me. I'll keep you posted.


Brad and Jenn said...

You are one HOT Mama with a great big heart! I love ya Hoosh!

Brad and Jenn said...

You are one HOT Mama with a great big heart! I love ya Hoosh!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute cuts! I love bobs. And lopping off bunches of hair always feels so cool. I hope you can get it to LoL. It took me ages to finally send mine cuz I'm a slacker.

Shannon said...

Way to go! Around the first of March I chopped 11 inches off for Locks as well. Perhaps this need to grown our hair long & chop it off just runs in the family :)

Your new cut is darling!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Shanny & Ferny! Love you guys!

HSF-When I first read your comment I was a bit confused by the LoL. I'm pretty sure I couldn't get my hair to laugh out loud! But then I woke up all the way and figured it out.

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