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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Few More Giveaways!

Not mine, of course, because I'm up to my eyeballs in the two that I already did. But there are still a few giveaways going out there and I thought I would pass a couple along.

The first one is definitely for a good cause. It's over at Spork Fashion and they are doing a giveaway through Project Have Hope. Here's a little information about them....

"Project Have Hope was created by photojournalist Karen Sparacio as a way to not only feed the people of Uganda, but give them a way to feed themselves. Money raised by Project Have Hope goes towards building schools and giving women loans to start their own businesses. But Project Have Hope doesn’t just request donations. They employ local women to create jewelry, paying them fair wages, and helping them sell their wares worldwide. All proceeds go right back to the village."

The prize is for a matching necklace and bracelet made by the Ugandan women and also a CD of music by local musicians. And even if you don't win, there are many beautiful and affordable things to buy at You have until August 11 to enter so hurry!

And over at Mommy Confessions she's doing a bunch of giveaways for her 100th blog post party. Lots of fun stuff going on with some very funny posts. So head on over there if you're in a partying mood. Or not. You'll have fun either way!

Well, that's all I have for now. If I find anymore I'll pass them along to you. Because isn't that what being a stay at home mom is really about?! Winning stuff from other peoples blogs? I mean, who really needs a clean house if you know you have cool presents coming in the mail!

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Henry said...

no one can love winning stuff mre than I do! come by Now Entering Momville and enter my designer purse giveaway!
Hope to see you there!

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