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Sunday, November 9, 2008

One Good Book Swap!

We were lucky enough to participate in the One Good Book swap over at Life With Nature Girl last month and it was lots of fun. Our swap partners were Becky and Eliza over at Whosies and not only is Becky the mother of four children, she is super talented and very generous! Here are some pictures of the adorable swap package that she sent to Babs & Lolly.

Here they are opening the package. Well, Lolly is opening and Babs is vogueing.
Immediate success with a new box of crayons. Seriously, they're the only crayons that Lolly will color with now.
Wow! We just keep pulling more wonderful treasures out!
A picture of all the fabulousness that was sent to our home.
And I just had to get a close up of these adorable little dolls that were included. If you want some for yourself, you can buy them at her etsy shop, here.
And here is a picture of the Book Swap package that we sent to Eliza. Why, yes, that picture was taken on our Coochie Coochie blanket in our van just before packing it up and shipping it off.....two weeks late. I am so not worthy!


Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! What a great idea! Looks like you scored some great loot!

jillytacy said...

Two great swap packages! You sent a great package and got one in return. I love the book you chose and the felt cookies are fabulous. I'm sure your partners loved the package. The pocket people from Becky are adorable! I'd love to try making some. Of course that would require time which I'm short on right now. Lol!

zoo keeper said...

You are an amazing photogrpher! I never knew it!!
What a beautiful family lady! didn't figure out the tag thing though? forgive me i'm slow.

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