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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The F Bomb

When I was in junior high school I knew a girl who celebrated the anniversary of having her appendix removed. I thought she was odd (still do) and just did not understand the point in remembering and honoring (in her hypochondriac case) this event. Especially since it also coincided with my birthday, which seemed to greatly irritate her and take away from her expected Happy Appendix Removal Anniversary wishes. I didn't understand......why make up a new holiday when we have a perfectly good birthday to celebrate?!?!

Today is June 6. This is not my favorite day. Some years it creeps up on me and others it seems to loom ahead of me. Good things have happened on this day. I graduated high school on June 6. It's June, so the snow is usually gone. And I love summer. But it is still a difficult day for me somehow, even after all these years.

It wasn't anything horrible or dramatic and there are far worse things that can happen in life. But at the precarious age of 16, it was horrible to me. On June 6, 1995 I found out I had Fibromyalgia. Something most people have not even heard of. I had heard of it because a woman in our neighborhood had it and her life had almost completely stopped, with the only movement left in her family orbiting around her health, or lack thereof. That was my only association at the time and not that different from the majority, it seems. My doctor wasn't particularly optimistic by nature. His recommendations were homeschooling, never going to college and not having much of a life. Those were some dark times, people. Most of my energy seemed to go into making sure everyone else feel better about it, like that would somehow make everything better. At least from my perspective. But it didn't. And I like to think that I have dealt with it better since then. On a side note, I've noticed my girls do this. When they're upset about something (usually around people outside our family...they just wail at home) I watch them forcing themselves to laugh and reassure those around them that they're fine and I wonder why. Is it basic human nature? Survival instincts? Or something they've picked up from their mother.

But here I am. Fourteen years later. I graduated from high school. Then college. Got married. Have a couple of adorable and outrageously active children. I live a fairly normal life. CG often says that he doesn't ever really think about it because it doesn't really effect our day to day life. Obviously it effects me more than everyone else, but it doesn't consume me. The last dangitall 15 pounds I need to lose cause me far more aggravation than that most days.

So, what am I doing today to "celebrate"?! Well, we're having a normal day....almost (see video below). We've just hung around the house. Not all that hard with one child getting sick and the other just getting over it. Blasted Nursery Nose. I've been lounging around, reading. Heaven! CG bought me flowers and chocolate and changed Babs poopy diaper. I've also coerced him into buying me Cafe Rio salad for dinner since it's my latest dining obsession. Dropped the F bomb on all my unsuspecting readers. Sorry about that.

Oh.....and this morning I did this.

Fibromyalgia may have slowed me down a little, but I'm still out there livin' life.


Kristina P. said...

I had no idea! My MIL has fibromayalgia and I know a couple other women who have it.

You seem to have led a full life so far! My MIL maintains a positive outlook.

Happy Granny said...

You have done way more than survive, you've taken control of your life and made it be what you want it to be. You have the strong determination, no matter how hard, and your counselors at school marveled the whole time, especially when you earned a scholarship for college. You are the poster child for finding a way to make your life happen, in spite of the obstacles. I know the biggest problem with fibromyalgia is that it leaves you with no energy and lots of pain at a time when you need to have the most energy and strength. I'm sure your girls see how you handle things and follow suit. Hopefully, they will be very healthy, but you've taught them already how to face life, do your best, and don't let others decide what you're capable of. I know it affects you every day, but you don't let it affect the things you love most. People sometimes think it isn't that big a deal for you because you do what you do so well, and they don't realize what it takes to make each day happen. We never know why we are given certain trials, but going forward with your life inspite of it all, makes you stronger, more appreciated and loved, and a great example for anyone who knows you. I am very proud of you.(So is Dad) Carry on sweetie :) xoxoxo
PS When did you learn to drive that little backhoe? I am impressed!

Scatteredmom said...

I was kind of shocked to read that your doctor was so negative, especially to someone so young.

You showed him, though. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Just SO said...

You go girl!

Jo said...

Your positive outlook on life is something I really enjoy about you. Now I know about this and you amaze me! Good for you!

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