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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tip Tuesday-Artsy Fartsy

We do a lot of projects around here. Specifically art projects. Beautiful art projects that cannot just be recycled but need to be displayed for all to enjoy. And, frankly, my refrigerator is only so large. And magnets get moved around easily. So then we expanded onto high cupboard doors. Then the pantry door. And the front door. And so my house was wallpapered in art. Which is lovely, but slightly overwhelming, visually speaking.

So! Last week I did this....(it's better in person, but you get the idea)
All it takes is some yarn and push pins, which you probably already have. You could also class it up a little and use ribbon or twine or pretty much anything your creative heart can come up with. Hang a line up in your kids bedroom and you're gifted with a beautiful art gallery every time you walk into their room. Plus! They get to choose what gets hung up and when something else comes downs because there is only so much room. They are in complete control....with you working it behind the scenes. But whatever.

It took me about 10 minutes, but the improvement has been immeasurable. Not only are there uncovered surfaces in our house, but Lolly and Babs are so proud of their new art display.


Kristina P. said...

That's how I display our Christmas cards. Great idea!

Happy Granny said...

Spoken like a true artist. Sounds like two more artists are on their way!!

Brady + Marsha said...

You are such a cute mom! I love that idea.

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