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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Favorite-less

I don't really have a Friday Favorite today. I'm too cranky to be a creative genius and come up with something clever. This week I started physical therapy on my shoulder. And it hurts. And is making me a little whiny. Slightly unpleasant at times. Mostly, it just hurts. Really a lot. I didn't realize how right handed I was until now. I'm very right handed.

You're probably wondering why on Earth I would be in physical therapy. Well, it's from an old injury dating back to the high school days. A wild vacuuming injury. Yes, I actually managed to dislocate my shoulder while VACUUMING. Of course, for all of you who know me in real life or have been reading this blog for, oh...a week or two, that's not all that surprising. It's just me. And we love me for it, right?!

But never fear. I have some good stuff coming. We celebrated Babs 3rd birthday with a wild, party filled weekend. And I have recently discovered that I actually am a design snob, which kind of came as a surprise. We'll see if you're surprised as well.

But until then......have a wonderful weekend!


Steph said...

Dood... I separated my shoulder hanging a picture. We are shouldertards together... totally not PC of me.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Oh, Steph, this is why I adore you!

We should start a support group for the physically challenged. You can be our leader. ;o)

Kristina P. said...

I need to show this to my husband, and why I should never be made to vacuum, ever again.

zoo keeper said...

friend i will totally help you with this...if you want me to :o)
i'll be around friday and yeah!!!! for this weekend!

Mama Hen said...

Hey there! I just found your blog! I love the pictures in your last post! You have a new follower! Come visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

Mama Hen

Mayhem and Moxie said...

You're right. The ability to throw out your shoulder is a rare thing indeed.

Very, very rare. :)

Feel better soon!


jillytacy said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Of course with this injury you should never have to vacuum again or do any of the other things you hate that could possibly re-injure it. If I were you I'd start making the list of things you shouldn't have to do! Oh, and happy birthday to Babs!

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