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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Few of My Favorites...Part 1

The other day I was thinking back over the pictures I've taken the last few years and which are my favorites. And whatever I think about goes on my blog, for better or worse. So, I'm sharing. You're welcome.

I think most of these pictures have been taken by me, but a few have not. I'll narrate. It'll be fun.

Lolly and Cheer Bear
Lolly during her first swimming season.
Lolly in her Big Bird Hoodie
Pre-Babs Family Picture
Newborn Babs....well, about 2 months old.
Little Babs and her burpie.
Lolly sportin' some stylin' shades.
My Girls sharing the love.
Lolly and the Tiger. At the Zoo. They have matching hair.
Babs. Rockin' the Pink Hair. That's my girl.
Lolly The Birthday Girl
Babs The Bathing Beauty
Babs & Mommy....Self Portrait
Cool artsy fartsy picture of my girls at an exotic location.
Big Girl Ponies
My girls with their Papa Van
Lolly continuing to share her awesome style in sunglasses.

And, hey, maybe tomorrow when you come back I'll have actually written something. Ha ha ha ha ha.....

In other news, I'm not famous and pictured on a famous blog. Hint: look for the Snuggie picture of the week. I'm not actually cool enough for any other mention. It's mostly because of the coolness of my cat. And the Snuggie.


Kristina P. said...

You have some cute kids!

Suzie said...

PLEASE! Send me copies of Babs The Bathing Beauty, Lolly Birthday Girl, The Girls with Grandpa Van, and the Artsy Fartsy Picture.

You know why. . . :)

Happy Granny said...

I love all these pictures and I have downloaded them on my hard drive so that I can see them often as my screen saver rotates through my picture files. And, never thought I'd say it, but the Snuggie is too cute, especially with Lucy parked in the middle of it. You are a true leopard princess. xoxoxo

Barbaloot said...

Love the pink hair pictures:)

Missy said...

Cute, cute kids!

Jill K said...

As much as I love looking at old baby pictures of my kids, it makes me sad to know they have grown up so fast:(

You have some cute kids!

Steph said...

You make cute and chubby babies.

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