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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Time Has Come

It is the day after Thanksgiving and that means one thing. No, not shopping. Okay, maybe a little bit of shopping. But really, it means....Christmas Cards! I love Christmas cards. I love sending them. I love getting them. I love reading the letters that come along with them. Even the cheesy ones.

The hard part about Christmas cards? Well, that's in the deciding part. It's hard to decide...traditional versus photo card, folded versus flat, letter or no letter, real pictures or photo shopped pictures where my abs look like Jillian's from The Biggest Loser. The options really are endless.

This year I'm going with Shutterfly. They have a truly amazing selection of cards. Whatever you're looking for they most likely have it. Except Jillian's abs. You're on your own for those.

I really like this card, although I think it goes without saying that my perfect children are never naughty.
I also love these because I can include lots of pictures of my little family.
And then this card is the best of both worlds. A picture with the letter attached. All done!
They also have photo calendars that would make a great gift for...just about anybody! You can order your Christmas cards and a few gifts all at the same time. Now that's a reason to celebrate.

*I was given 50 free holiday cards by Shutterfly for this post. All opinions and craziness are mine and mine alone. The wished for abs are Jillian's.*

**If you're a blogger and would like to participate in Shutterfly's promotion go here to apply.**


Missy said...

Another thing I forget to put on my list!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters what style you choose - your girls are SO darling they will light up any card you put their cute little faces on!

That being said, I've been a big Shutterfly fan in the past so thank you for introducing me to their latest and greatest holiday cards - gotta get mine ordered pronto!

annie valentine said...

Please send that first one, it's killer. And I am a Christmas card addict. Wanna exchange addresses and cards this year? I always try to add a blogger or two to my real life collection.

Jessica G. said...

I'm having the hardest time deciding on Christmas cards. But I'm pretty sure I'm not writing a letter this year.

Stephanie said...

I got 50 free cards because of you. Virtual hug!

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