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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teacher Appreciation!

I may have mentioned a time or two in recent history that I'm kinda in charge of Teacher Appreciation at Lolly's school.  Yep.  They are that desperate.  So here we are.  Teacher Appreciation Week.  And I'm going to celebrate it in true blog fashion...too much detail and lots of pictures!

First of all, we had Aid/Assistant Appreciation Week last week.  There are 46 aids/assistants at our school.  Each and every one of them got this little thank you...
That lovely bottle of lotion was made affordable by the fabulous online store All Things Good Store.  See that little ad over there?  On the right?  With the sunflower and chickens?  Yep, that store.  This particular lotion came in a set of 6 different scents and are wonderful.  They also got donuts.

And this week.  It's the big week of appreciation for the teachers.  First up was a cute set of note cards for each teacher that I didn't happen to get a picture of.  But we can all imagine. 

Today we were lucky enough to receive a generous donation from the lovely ladies at RubySnap.  They have THE BEST COOKIES EVER!  They are a wonderful local company and they give back to their community.  Does it get any better?!  So head on over them and get some of those cookies.  You know you want their cookies!  770 South 300 West in Salt Lake City. 
Wednesday is "Student Day" where the kids bring in their notes, pictures or small gifts.  And they're supposed to wear their teacher's favorite color.  Frankly, I don't know if that's going to work, but I had to try.  And Lolly will be wearing pink for her teacher tomorrow.  All pink.  Every last item of clothing will be pink.  Because we know how to celebrate around here!

Thursday....Thursday.  I'm trying not to think about it too much or I'll get nervous.  We're treating the teachers to lunch.  I'll be making 3 crock pots...3 large crock pots....of taco soup.  But don't worry.  I'll share the recipe with you tomorrow.  And several committee members are bringing in salads and desserts.  Of course, I really shouldn't worry because the rolls?  They are coming from Golden Corral.  Whether or not you're a fan of buffets, it is a widely known fact that Golden Corral has the best rolls EVER and they were nice enough to donate them for our teacher luncheon.

Friday is the fun day.  And what says fun better than ice cream?!  I'll tell you...nothing!  We're having an after school ice cream party.  And not just any old ice cream party.  An ice cream party with cool gifts to raffle off for the teachers.  Gifts that include some wonderful lotion and soap sets compliments of Kristen Bowen Studio.  These smell so absolutely divine that it will take all of my self control to give them away.  They are amazing.  I'm currently saving my pennies so I can buy the DVD/workbooks for lotion and soap making.  It is that good.  We also got a gift card that Kneader's was nice enough to donate. And they're all getting a super cool star fish key chain that comes with the story about the girl on the beach who keeps throwing back the stranded star fish because it makes a difference to that one.  It's a good person can make a difference.  And the combined effort of our teachers is making a huge difference.

A lot of people have asked how I've managed to do it with a less than big budget.  And now you know.  The generosity of successful local businesses have made it possible to have such a great Teacher Appreciation Week.

And let's not forget the grand finale.  In order to help me recover from Teacher Appreciation chaos, CG has generously donated a spa gift certificate and free babysitting so that I can go.  During the day!  Like I said, the generosity of others makes it all possible. 


Brady + Marsha said...

It all sounds so cute! I bet you'll be happy when this week is over! Can I go to the spa too? I'm sure I'm just as deserving. haha.

Emily said...

You are so awesome! I love all those ideas and love seeing it come together!

Barbaloot said...

That is a lot of appreciation!! Not that teachers don't typically deserve it...just sayin. I don't remember doing appreciation day when I was in school. Is this a new thing?

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