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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lolly's Wish

This past year in Lolly's kindergarten class they talked a lot about American symbols, American Presidents, American history.  Did I mention American symbols?  Because a star is no longer a star around here.  It is an American symbol.  Which is great!  But there is one particular American symbol that my little Lolly girl became especially fascinated with.  The Liberty Bell. 
And when I say "fascinated" I actually mean that we talked about the Liberty Bell just about every single day.  The very first day she learned about it she was thrilled beyond measure because I actually knew what the Liberty Bell was.  Yes, I managed to pass Kindergarten American History with flying colors.  And when she found out that people can actually go to see the Liberty Bell IN PERSON she was AMAZED!

She has been so entranced with the Liberty Bell that she even found a book at the library about it.  By herself.  And we go to a pretty big library.  The girl is devoted!
We may have read that book one or ten times before returning it to the library.  We all now know a lot more about American history and the Liberty Bell specifically.  Yes, we're library nerds.  Be jealous.

A few weeks later Lolly's class was doing a project involving the "Star Light Star Bright" poem.  Lolly told me about her greatest see the Liberty Bell.  In Person.  She told me in the sweetest, most earnest way that I nearly started to cry.  Her devotion is so pure and complete. 
This little girl wants to see the Liberty Bell so much that we are constantly talking about it and how we could possibly even get to Philadelphia to see it.  And because Repeat goes along with whatever Peat wants (sometimes) Babs is also enamored with the Liberty Bell.  It has become a family obsession.  But it's a healthy obsession and not a creepy obsession.  Really.

So, my travel guru friends, how on Earth do I get my family to the Liberty Bell?!  On a budget?  Before it's too late and a family trip to see the Liberty Bell and other historical sites becomes lame? 


Kristina P. said...

Road trip!! I'm sure it will be just like The Hangover.

Brady + Marsha said...

She would be so disappointed to know that I went to Philadelphia and didn't even see the liberty bell. I was a lot disappointed in myself! That is really cute that she loves it so much!

Emily said...

I could probably hook you up with some buddy passes on JetBlue. They would be standby and you'd still have to pay the taxes, but it would be way cheaper. Oh, and you'd prob have to fly into New York City and then drive, but I think that takes like 2 hours? Grab me sometime if you want more info.

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