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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chaos at Disney Pixar Cars 2 Movie!

Yes, you read that right.  The Chaos family recently got to go see Disney Pixars Cars 2!    In order to properly prepare, we watched the original Cars movie (again) a couple of days before seeing Cars 2.  That way everyone could pick their favorite character (Sally & Lightning McQueen) and form strong opinions about the movie so we were ready for the full theater experience.

My girls....they were excited.  Very excited!
The official sponsor of the event was Any Hour Services, which provides electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning services.  They had some fun activities before the movie started which included Lolly shooting pretzels and confetti out of a cannon-thingy.

They had one of their technicians there to be put on the spot and answer questions from the audience.  I heard one teenage girl ask if he was married, but most of their questions were more of the service variety.  And when they say Any Hour, they mean Any Hour.  I'm thinking I should put these people on speed dial considering how much my house wants to fall apart.  Maybe we could even get a little air conditioning.

Then we were ready for the movie! 

We were even lucky enough to sit next to a family (I don't know who they were) that happened to win one of the prizes and shared with Babs.  We all know how hard it is when Pete gets to do something fun (like shoot off a cannon-thingy) and Repeat doesn't.  So, thank you, to that kind family that sat next to us.  You're doing a good job raising those boys to be so thoughtful.   

So....what was the official verdict of the movie?  We all loved it, of course.  There isn't a Disney and/or Pixar movie that isn't met with great love at our house.

***The tickets were generously given to us by  Surely you're already heard of them and all their fabulous deals and if you like them on Facebook here you'll get the heads up on all the local deals.


Happy Granny said...

Looks like a lot of fun, and the girls are as cute as ever. We love all the Pixar movies, too. Also the shorts, Toy Story Toons. They are fun and very clever.

M.J. Fisher said...

Hi, Hi! It's MJ from Peacock Girl, Cosmetic Reviews. Just wanted to stop by and say, hey:) (I also subscribed.)
The Cars 2 movie was a big deal for us too. My little guy loved it, we planned ahead, brought Lightning with us, a whole big shebang. I'm glad it was fun for your girls too<3

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