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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Simpler Christmas

As all ten of us know, I haven't really been in blogland lately.  Or any land, really, besides the pharmacy.  I've been waging some major germ warfare.  Between mid-September and the beginning of December at least one of the three girls in our family have been sick.  Usually at least 2 of us.  And really, that's less than blogable.  Do you really want to know how many square feet of vomit was cleaned up?  As a side not of blogability, I'm now a firm believer in the powers of probiotics.  We started using it the beginning of December and the only illness that has affected the girls is a small cold.  Loving the probiotics.  I'm also going in to Lolly's classroom twice a week to clean every flat surface with antibacterial wipes because I am desperate to stop the madness of it all.  I'm a woman on a mission.  A mission of germ destruction.

So, now that we've got my blog absence out of the way, onto Christmas.  Because everyone who is totally on top of things posts all about Christmas on their blog.  I just do it in January.  Because I'm not on top of things.  Hence, the blog title.  Ahem.....

The week of Thanksgiving I got strep for the first time in my life.  Seriously, I had gone almost 33 years without having strep and I get it the week of Thanksgiving.  And I thought I was going to die.  It was HORRIBLE!!!  I have a renewed sympathy for anyone who gets strep.  It felt like I was dragging for days and days after that.  It was brutal. 

The thing that was weird was that not having a traditional Thanksgiving totally threw me off.  It was like the Holidays didn't begin.  And then I was in denial about the impending Christmas holidays.  But the problem with being in denial is that Christmas still comes and if Mama's not making it happen....well, it's not going to happen.  As a matter of fact, quite a bit of it didn't happen. 

Since this holiday season seemed to be a season of firsts, I thought I'd go ahead and get a little laryngitis.  It was relatively painless but mildly inconvenient.  And then there was the blasted inversion.  For the love of all that is holy, I had things to do!  And no oxygen to do it with. 

You know when you reach that point when you realize that in order for the holidays to be even remotely happy, then something has gotta give?  Well, I reached that point.  A couple of times, actually.  Christmas cards?  Hopefully next year.  Twelve Days of Christmas Service?  It didn't even come close to happening.  But I did manage to get a few things done.  The necessities were taken care of....present under the tree, special events attended and, importantly, a coping mommy so that the family could have a happy holiday. 

We even managed to decorate a little gingerbread village.

Yes, most of my December was sponsored by large quantities of Mountain Dew.
Attended the event of the season...Babs preschool winter program.  So adorable.

And the same day we attended the other event of the season....The December Traditions report.  My Lolly's first oral report. (She did awesome!)

Dipped some yummy treats in fabulous chocolate from Utah Truffles.  It's yumminess is beyond description.  But this picture should be enough to totally make you drool and wish you lived by me.

And, of course, matching jammies on Christmas Eve.

And Santa, being awesome, did not disappoint.  Although there were some concerns that he wouldn't come which were expressed around 2:30 in the morning Christmas Day.

Thankfully, I started my Christmas shopping last January (don't be too impressed, it was just 1 thing) and my mom came to watch the kids so I could wander through a few stores freaking out about not being able to find what we needed.  Online shopping has it's perks.  But it just doesn't have the same "feel" as real life shopping.  Maybe someday I'll be a true convert.  Either way, the girls were sufficiently (hopefully not excessively) spoiled and Christmas dreams came true. 

Even Dexter got a few presents....lucky dog.

Despite all my best efforts and the drastic trimming of my to do list, Christmas Eve morning did include me making the last batch of grape jelly for family gifts.  At least it was yummy.  I think. But for all the seasons ups, downs, steroids and stress, we did have a wonderful time.  And hopefully you did too.


Emily said...

I live close and I didn't get any of those chocolate-dipped yummy things!

Glad you had a simpler Christmas though I'm not glad it was because everyone was sick. :( Here's to hoping 2012 is a lot healthier!

Kristina P. said...

I see you didn't mention the highlight of not just the holidays, but the year. My cookie party. Sob.

Barbaloot said...

Um, I am totally wishing I lived by you! Those look delicious.

And I hope 2012 is the year of health for your household.

Messy Musings said...

I may not live close... but I do have a car and can drive (especially if there is a chocolate destination reward!!).

2012 = year of better health for the Chaos household! So let it be written, so let it be done!! ;)

Trace said...

I can testify they were fantastically delicious!!! So glad you and your fam are feeling better. I think it has been a bad winter for all. At least, all at the school. I am glad you are back into blogging. You keep me motivated. It is also great to see what you are up to. Our 20
+ daily texts simply don't keep me informed enough. ;)

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