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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Book of the Week! The Happiest Mom by Meagan Francis

This week's book of the week (month?) is a quick little read that I randomly picked up at the library a while back.  Actually most of my books of the week I randomly pick up at the library.  Random books are like suddenly finding a treasure.  I love it.

Anyway, for this week it's a parenting book, but I use that term loosely.  It's not about the "best" way to be a parent, potty train or beat up other parents at children's sporting events.  It's 10 secrets to enjoying motherhood that are actually enjoyable to read because 1-it's short so you won't fall asleep while reading it and 2-the tips are amusing and true. 
Overall, I would say I'm pretty happy on the mommy front, but I was curious about this book.  I also picked up another "happy mom" book that I just haven't really gotten into it because it's long and kind of boring.  A long, boring book is not the path to happiness. 

The thing I liked most about this book is that the suggestion were reasonable and actually beneficial.  It's not about competing with other mom's and doing everything the "right" way (that doesn't exist), it's just filled with suggestions to find your own happy. 

The one chapter I was a bit doubtful on was about finding your tribe.  Being the hermit I am, a fair portion of my tribe either lives in my computer or in my texts on my phone.  Socialization with other adults doesn't really happen every day for me, although I enjoy it when I do.  As long as it's not too much.  **See hermit reference above. 

The book suggests that you should have at least one friend for each of the following categories and ideally two friends for each category.  It was done in a magazine quiz form, like the quizzes in each of the chapters.  Perhaps this is because it was published by Parenting Magazine. 

So, here are the questions that you should have at least one friend leap in to mind.  Plus I think it has to be a different friend for each one.  Pressure! 

1. If something major happened, whom could you confide in?
2. Is there someone you can ask to watch your kids last minute?
3. Is there someone on your speed dial whom you can call for minor problems?
4. You're stir crazy and have to get out of the house.  Who will race you to the nearest Starbucks?
5. When your child takes her first steps, who (after Dad) is next on your list for a phone call?
6. If you need an opinion about whether it's time to hit the gym more often, who'll make you do a 360 and then give you her honest opinion?

Honestly, I don't have someone for each of those categories.  I think maybe two of the six.  If I'm feeling confident.  And certainly not two for each one!  Which leaves us with two options.  Either I'm a total loser with no friends OR this list may just be slightly unattainable for the average hermit.  And, frankly, I don't know if my confidence level could really handle doing the twirl for a friend so that she can tell me to get to the gym asap before my butt requires it's own zip code.  Maybe next year.

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Jessica G. said...

Problems is I consider a LOT of people to be friends but then I look at these questions and wonder…there are really only two people that make the cut. Maybe I ought to get out more.

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