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Friday, November 15, 2013

And Then POOF It Was Halloween

Time is flying by so quickly, I can't even begin to keep up with life, let alone my poor, neglected blog.  But, Halloween pictures must be shared because we love Halloween around here. 

This year we didn't get to do a family theme costume (sob) and I feel like I handled it like an adult.  Maybe next year we can do a theme again.  Or maybe I'll do a theme costume for our neighborhood party and then any other costume for the rest of Halloween.  But let's be honest....its a lot of work to make Halloween costumes.  I have some doubts that I'll do double costumes next year.  Oh well.  Whatever I tell myself to get me to act like a grown up is a good thing. 

First of all....the costumes!  I had an adorable vegetarian vampire and an Abbey Bominable (from Monster High) to call my own this year.  They were so excited about their costumes and Lolly pretty much took charge of her own costume.  The only thing I did was buy her a black long sleeve shirt.  Babs isn't quite old enough to manage a costume plan on her own so I still got to help. 

The day also included some festive foods (I don't have pictures of all of it) and some spider web eyelids.  And that is as close as I ever want to come to having spider webs on my eye lids.

And the Halloween aftermath.  I was so happy we didn't have school the next day.  We just hung out at home all day, sorting candy and relaxing.  And possibly making charts and graphs of our candy.  We're nerdy like that. 
And that giant dog you see sitting in the middle of all that candy...he did not eat one single piece of candy.  He just wanted to hang out with the family.  Dexter really is the best dog in the world. 

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