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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Nutcracker, A Mom's Review

My girls participated in a local production of The Nutcracker and I must say, this year included the cutest (redheaded) Chinese Dancer and Baby Mouse that has ever before been onstage.  Not that I'm biased, or anything......

My cute Lolly girls was a Chinese Dancer and loved it.  Well, she didn't love all the practices, but this girl loves to be on stage.  I made one or two (or ten) jokes about her being a redheaded Chinese dancer.  I found them quite amusing but she thought I was just being weird.  One day she'll get it and then we'll laugh about it.  Or maybe she'll still think I'm weird. 

And then there's my little Baby Mouse.  She is the official Baby Mouse....the first to come on stage and call her baby mice friends, the first to hide and the first to come out of hiding.  She's also the poor little baby mouse that gets shot by a soldier.  I don't love that part.  But my Baby Mouse takes her job very seriously and does a great job!

 The last few months our life has been greatly influenced/dominated by these Nutcracker practices, fundraiser and costume purchases.  But it's so fun to see what all their hard work has lead to.  And I'm almost knitting (I do that during practice) so there is hope!

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