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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Book Of The Week! My Year With Eleanor by Noelle Hancock

This was one of those books that I just picked up on a whim.  I liked the cover and I'm a big fan of picking a book by it's cover.

This is a non-fiction book that read like fiction.  It's a popular style of book right now.....writers take on a new project or lifestyle change for a year and then write a book about their experiences.  This particular book was about a writer who had just lost her professional celebrity gossip blogging job and wanted to get her life back on track.  It was fun to read about her experiences, but I also really enjoyed all information she shared about Eleanor Roosevelt.  I've always respected Eleanor Roosevelt but learned so much from this book.  It honestly made me want to read some of the books that Eleanor herself wrote.  Especially this one....

So...have you read any good books lately?

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