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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Recipe Box Swap

So, I'm totally into swaps lately, but because half my life is packed and the other half is crazy I'm a little limited in what I can do. As I was reading Life With Nature Girl, she linked to a fun and easy recipe swap that is going on at i have to say and I thought I would not only join in, but share in the love with all you guys too.

Without further ado, here is my recipe for the worlds easiest cookies. And they're yummy, too.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, Muffins or Bread
Spice cake mix
Pumpkin (15 oz. can)
Chocolate Chips (1 bag)

Mix all ingredients together and bake in a 350 degree oven.
Cookies or muffins: 20 minutes
Bread: 60 minutes

Anything more complicated than that will have to wait for another day!
Happy Cooking!


Sharon said...

Boy, you really CANNOT get any simpler than that! :) Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My hubs loves anything with pumpkin. Thanks for posting this!

PS--I like your blog name. Very cute!

jillytacy said...

Sounds yummy! I'll have to try it. recipe sharing is so much fun!

Brad and Jenn said...

These are awesome!!! I think I ate the whole plate by myself when you brought them here! Can you count them as a veggie with the pumpkin and all? :)

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