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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Discovery

Babs is a delicate sleeper. Always has been. As a newborn she had to be on her left side with her head pointing North in order to sleep....for 2 hours and then she would need rotation back up to her side. It was quite the adventure figuring that one out and I honestly don't remember how I did because of the extreme sleep deprivation from that time.
Now that she is 20 months old (can you believe it?!) she is still a delicate sleeper, but manages much better since she can move herself around. But she still has her off nights. Like last night, for instance. After my amazingly restful 3 hours of sleep she decided that she was not able to sleep in her bed unattended. We tried snuggling, binks and a drink. She slept for another hour and then was completely fed up with us. So we snuggled. And snuggled some more. All to no avail. CG finally gave up and went in to work. At 5 AM. At least he'll get off early! After the third time of rocking her to sleep and attempting to put her in her crib, with her waking up every single time, I was done! I put her in her crib to fall asleep on her own. She screamed baby obscenities at me and after about 20 minutes I started knocking on the wall behind our bed that just happens to be the same wall that Babs crib is on. And it actually calmed her down. I knocked out different tunes and patterns with the occasional random knock thrown in for some excitement. There were a few times that I dozed off out of sheer exhaustion. But I would hear a sad little "mama" from Babs that would wake me up enough to keep knocking until she was finally able to fall asleep in her crib.

We won't talk about the puppy (we're currently puppy-sitting) that woke me up 15 minutes later. And then again 2 hours later. Or her cute older sister who actually managed to be awake for a full hour before waking up Babs. We'll just focus on the positive effects of knocking. And the dream of a nap.


Kristina P. said...

Just reading this makes me tired!!

jillytacy said...

That was a great discovery! I also had a delicate sleeper so I understand the sleep deprived part of the post. It got better as she got older however she's back to waking me up 2 or 3 times a night since I went back to work. I think she just wants to know I'm still here. Maybe your knocking let Babs know you were still around. Here's hoping you all had a nap today and get a night of restful sleep tonight.

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