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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Successful Day of Preschool

I have shamelessly copied an idea from That Girl In Brazil and decided to do this cute little body tracing/coloring project for Lolly today during preschool (I'm home-preschooling her this year, but next year is a totally different story). It kept her son completely occupied during the other kids nap time.

Today we pulled out the butcher paper and began our project. And you wouldn't believe how long Lolly was enthralled with this activity. 13 minutes. 20 minutes if you count the time I spent coercing her to color more and coloring the back of it. Yep. 13 minutes.

She is now playing with our make shift sensory table. I lack the space to have an actual sensory table so right now we have a pan filled with beans. That's kept her busy for about 15 minutes but she's now bored.

At least she's cute.


Trace said...

She is definitely cute. Tracy is blogging with me and he loves the picture of Babs in her wig. He asked if it was her real hair.

Kristina P. said...

Body tracing is such a fun activity!

Brady + Marsha said...

She even makes me tired!

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