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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009 Report

Where was I last night at 8:30 pm local time?! In the shower of course. What else would I be doing?! Before the mocking begins, let me explain.....that way you have all the information to work with in order to craft the perfect mock.

Saturday was spent working on our kitchen remodeling project (pictures to come later). It's been going really well, but it's still a major project. After we got the girls bathed, dinner eaten and those same girls into bed, it was my turn to take a shower. As we all remember, a shower by myself is a rare treat and something to be savored. So I was taking this opportunity to think about things. Important things. Like why no one (at that time...thanks Jo!) had commented on my last two blog posts. Because I'm a deep and meaningful person and all. As I was pathetically thinking about my lack of comments, I was trying to remember what my last two posts were even about. Well, I guess I can see why a discussion of the letter of the week and Earth Hour were perhaps not the most riveting thing I've ever written seeing as it was pictures with about 5 sentences, so maybe that's why. Speaking of Earth Hour, I wonder what I should do during Earth Hour. Maybe read with my book light, because I'm a super exciting person? Or meditate and be all Earthy-hippie-like? Now, I've got to make sure that I remember to do it because I've been losing track of my days and hours lately. Saturday night at 8:30 pm. Wait a minute.....what time is it? Crap.

Yes, I am a big, fat, giant hypocrite. Go. Me.


Jo said...

Perhaps you and I should have a makeup earth hour? I think it should still totally count, maybe count more, since we had to try harder than other people to remember to do it.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

We should definitely have a make up Earth Hour!

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