Names have been changed to protect the innocent...and my husband...and me...but not the dog. His name is Dexter.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Favorite-State Fair

Last weekend we went to the State Fair and had a fabulous time. It was the first time we've ever been as a family and we all had a great time. It was windy that evening and that was rough, but other than that there were plenty of sparkly lights and random people watching to enjoy.
We especially enjoyed the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit. It's a fun activity for kids that help city kids, such as mine, connect farms to grocery stores.

We don't get a lot of farm action around here so it was lots of fun for the girls. Dexter is the closest thing we have to a farm animal, but I am trying to talk CG into getting chickens. I'll let you know if that ever happens.

Another favorite from the night was a Jazz trio that was playing. Both girls sat on the bleachers completely mesmerized by the music. The fresh kettle corn didn't hurt either.
The girls in front of the giant metal spider. Not creepy at all.
How we kept track of the girls in the crowd since our stroller had a flat tire...."bracelets".
And the requisite butter carving.
Dancing cows. Classic.


Kristina P. said...

Did you guys go Friday night? We were going to go with friends and then we saw the nasty storm clouds and the wind kick up, and we decided to hang out at home.

Now I'm sad!

Messy Musings said...

There's six chickens living next door to me - they are such funny little creatures, who must come to the fence and say hello every time I get in or out of my car. I say next spring go for it and get some chicks!!

rychelle said...

i hope you ate plenty of fried foods!

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