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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green Living

So, we all know I'm a bit of a hippie. Maybe more of a wanna be hippie. But I do my pathetic best at living an environmentally friendly life.

Tonight's Twitter GNO at Mom It Forward is about green living. And I'm going to be a panelist. I know! Can you even believe it?! But I'm sure I'll be carefully supervised by Jyl so I shouldn't be able to cause too much damage.

Wanna come play? All you have to do is have a Twitter account and RSVP here. And there's a fabulous giveaway that you can also enter to win here.

Come! Chat! Watch me make a fool of myself! It will be a full evening.


Messy Musings said...

So you tweet, eh? Let me know how this event goes - but think I'll pass on the whole twitter thing.

Jo said...

Sooo? How did it go?

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