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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

THE Conference.....Evo '10

A while back (oh, about 3 months....) I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Evo Conference. Since then I have been trying to come up with the most amazing post that would convey to you how awesome that experience was. Unfortunately, I still haven't. So you'll get this post instead. Might I offer my condolences now.

I had been hearing lots of information about Evo '10 and it sounded so far beyond amazing that I was just dripping with envy hearing about people going. Shortly before the big event, the lovely Jyl of Mom It Forward fame emailed a few lucky people to see if they would be interested in volunteering. I was in shock that I was even included in that email. Actually, I'm still in shock that I got that email. Of course I emailed back right away, perhaps the fastest I've ever returned an email, to say that I was interested. And from there everything fell into place. But when I got up to The Canyons resort in Park City, everything fell into place even more.

The workshops were amazing. The people were amazing. Everyone was so very kind and it was fun! Lots of fun! There were even manicures! (By the way, if anyone knows the brand of base/top coat they used I NEED to know. That manicure stayed perfect for a week...until I did my girls nails.) The workshops that I was able to attend impressed me beyond words. They covered subjects including running a small business, the influence of social media on business, blogging basics, monetizing, creating an ad package, search engine optimization and more! It really was the most amazing event. My mind is still sorting through and implementing all the information that I was given there. The conference is the Evolution of Women in Social Media and I truly doubt that a single person left that conference without having evolved personally or professionally.

There was much socializing and meeting of new friends. There was even a particularly excruciating conversation between Stephanie and myself regarding the Scandinavian Child suite. She was talking about visiting Lauren in the Scandinavian Child suite and I kept asking her why she didn't just say she was going to go visit Lauren's kids because I think they're Scandinavian and she kept insisting that it was one of the sponsors suites. I did finally figure it out and Stephanie is still my friend. It was truly that painful though. I blame the altitude. But aren't my girls cute in these shirts?!
One of the closing speakers shared something that has stuck with me and I think about it often. Karen of Chookooloonks said "Authenticity is the courage to be imperfect, set boundaries and be vulnerable." That is something that I needed to hear. And needed to share.

There was even a family friendly closing social that my family got to come up and attend with me. It was hosted by Bush's Beans and was so much fun. My girls called it The Cowboy Party and we talk of it often. The lovely Lolly was the dancing star of the night and I have this video thanks to Marlynn of Urban Bliss Design. You have to watch seeing as it's the most adorable dancing you've ever seen. Clearly she did not get her dancing abilities from me. I wanted to add it to the You Tube Evo '10 group but I don't have a You Tube account. Maybe someday....
But until then just watch this. You will not regret it!

They are currently selling early bird tickets to Evo '11 right now and if you're thinking about going to this conference go get a ticket now! No really, right now. Just do it. The early bird price only lasts through the end of September. You will not be disappointed. And maybe, if we're both lucky, I'll see you at the conference. I'm pretty sure I owe some more volunteering hours from last year.


zoo keeper said...

booo wish i would have been able to go!!

Kristina P. said...

Crap! I really need to email Jyl and let her know I would like to volunteer. I really, really want to go this year.

Steph said...

OMG... that was one of the BEST conversations ever. I don't think people realized how long it went on for. And I didn't understand why you were so perplexed... and then I realized you probably thought I was racist. LOL

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