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Monday, February 7, 2011

My Poor Babies

My girls are sick. I hate it when my girls are sick. Hate. It. There are all the conventional reasons to hate it like the lack of sleep and the propensity to catching vomit on my clothing. But, really, those aren't the biggest reasons. The real reason.

The real reason is painful. It is actually, physically painful to see my babies sick. To hear their exhausted coughs and sad little sniffling. Babs has started telling me that she doesn't want to be sick anymore because the coughs hurt her tummy. It's misery watching their misery.

There is one thing that comes from this though. When my children are sick, I find myself feeling more gratitude. When I see my children struggling with being sick I am profoundly grateful for healthy children. Because I know that the cold will pass, the flu will go away (right? please say yes) and they will go back to being healthy, happy kids.

But not all kids are that lucky. And not all mom's are that lucky. And my heart goes out to those mom's with chronically ill children that much more. Because for them, it's not just a simple matter of being fever-free for 24 hours before they can return to normal.

So, as much as I hate it when my babies are sick, I will keep counting my blessings. Because there are so very many. Starting, and ending, with my girls. Pass the Kleenex, please.


Emily said...

I am with you--when they're sick I am always so much more grateful for overall good health the rest of the time. Hope they are feeling better soon!

jillytacy said...

I hope that the girls are on the mend now. I agree that I'm grateful to have a healthy child but it's very difficult to have her be sick even if only for a little while. I worry about her until she is well again.

Happy Granny said...

I guess it is the lot of being a parent. You want your children to have a strong, healthy life and do all you can to insure it. It starts when they are born, and ends when you have moved on to your Heavenly reward. I suspect even then, you'll watch them from above, and do all you can there, too. Your babies are in your heart forever. Thank you for being such a good mommy, they will be better soon. xoxoxo

Jody said...

Pretty true huh! Hope everyone is better by now!

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