Names have been changed to protect the innocent...and my husband...and me...but not the dog. His name is Dexter.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentines Day In Pictures

Valentine Breakfast!

Ready for school and all the Valentine fun!
Including heart shaped hair!
All the valentines are prepped and ready for delivery.
Unfortunately, no one notified the dishes that it was a holiday.
But I still had time to give the kitchen a heart attack after the dishes were done.
A little Valentine bling from Mom & Dad
**A Geek Shirt for our Favorite Geek
A gift for the whole family to enjoy!
A Rubber plant for CG's office.  You kind of have to feel bad for the guy.  He gets the most random gifts for holidays.
Even Dexter has admirers!
And my Valentine.  It also included a 20 oz. Mountain Dew which refused to be photographed since it was otherwise occupied being consumed by me.

**To explain the geek shirt.....10 in binary is actually 2.  I didn't get it either until CG finally stopped laughing and explained it to me the first time he saw the shirt.  Even now, my understanding of binary is tenuous.  Possibly exaggerated.


Happy Granny said...

Love it! Glad to see your house is enveloped in all that valentine love!

Kristina P. said...

Can you just start doing my hair for me?

Alveybunch said...

You should have him count in binary. It's the only time Zack flips anyone off! Happy Valentines! Looks like you guys had a good one!

Jessica G. said...

Love the heart cinnamon rolls! I gave Boo heart pigtails that were pretty cute. Didn't get a picture because I was too busy trying to make dinner perfect. And? I didn't get anything for Valentine's. Not even a leftover card. So sad...

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