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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The First of Many Annoying Gardening Posts-2012 Edition

For all of you lucky enough to spend time with me in real life, we all know how I have been obsessing about my garden for quite some time.  Actually, I started talking about clear back in January.  And again in March when we discovered our garlic was growing back.  So, I guess we all know about my nerdy obsession and this post comes as no surprise. 

We've started prepping the garden in March and got our early stuff in a while back.  The peas are doing really well and we actually have a few carrots and onions growing. 

And of course....the garlic....isn't it lovely?  And HUGE?  It's the biggest of the eight we planted.  I wonder what it's going to look like when it's ready to be harvested.....
The one thing that I hadn't planned on this year is all the rogue plant volunteers that we've had.  We counted about 21 volunteer green bean plants and three volunteer cucumber plants.  It's made planning the garden a bit of a challenge.  But I just couldn't pull them out after surviving the winter and growing this spring! 

So we transplanted them into rows to make it all a little more workable.  They're looking a little droopy today but I'm hoping they perk up soon.  Preferably before we plant the rest of the garden around them. 

We also got this funny little potato pot this year.  It's a double bucket contraption to make it easier to grow potatoes and harvest new potatoes.  I wanted to try potatoes this year and this seemed to be a good way to start small.  As soon as it starts flowering we can check for new potatoes.
We're planting the rest of the garden this weekend and I'm so excited!  And maybe a little crazy.  This year I'm really trying to enjoy the journey of gardening and not just the results, like I have in the past.  This is quite the goal when you consider my irrational fear of spiders.  Whatever happens, it will be quite the adventure that I will be sure to keep you posted on with pictures and everything.  You Are Welcome!


Emily said...

I need to get my garden started but I fear it will be early June again. Yay for starts! ;)

Kristina P. said...

Can I just pay you to come do my landscaping?

Jessica G. said...

I am jealous! Looks gorgeous.
In our garden, we've got a healthy crop of dandelions that manage to thrive despite the ever-encroaching strawberry plants.

Trace said...

This makes me sooooo excited to be able to garden again! I have been out of practice for the last few years so I may need to glean from your expertise. ;)

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