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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fine Chocolate from Caputo's Deli

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Fine Chocolate tasting class at Caputo's Deli in downtown Salt Lake.  My oh my, it was a fabulous night!  Matt Caputo taught the class and the things that man knows about chocolate must make him a very popular guy.  And the fact that he has to eat 1/4-1 pound of chocolate a day for his job makes him the envy of all. 

We got to try quite a variety of chocolate throughout the class and it was so fascinating.  There were some chocolates that had a distinctly fruity aftertaste to them while others had different flavors.  They provided us with quite a bit of information that was simplified by an info-graphic you can see here on the Caputo's Deli blog. 

One of my favorite chocolates was made by the American chocolatier named Patric.  Plus I liked the packaging....very Warhol-esque.
Amano Chocolate were also very good and if you like buying local, this may be your new favorite chocolate.  This lovely chocolate has won multiple international awards and is made in our very own Orem, Utah.
Domori Chocolate was also another favorite.  I had the Domori Rio Caribe Venezuelan Dark Chocolate and it was divine.
Caputo's not only offers one of the finest selections of chocolate from around the world, but they are offering you, my lovely readers, 25% off any online order of fine chocolates.  Just tell them in the message box that you read about the discount here and they'll take care of you.

Caputo's Deli is an amazing place.  They have a wonderful selection of chocolates offering over 300 different varieties.  They also carry an amazing selection of meats and cheeses.  They even have a cheese of the few in this country.  I've never been in a cheese cave but something tells me I really should try it sometime.

Just remember, when you're ordering your fine chocolates, mention this blog for your 25% discount.  And if you're feeling really generous, feel free to send some to your favorite blogger.....or me.

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Emily said...

I am so, so very jealous! I love Caputos, and their chocolate. Num!

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