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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Random Little Collection of Thoughts

Since it is a fairly well known fact that I'm one of the many poster children for adult ADD, I have a gazillion different thoughts floating in and out of my brain at any given time.  Although each is completely random in it's own right, they probably couldn't carry an entire blog post on their own.  So instead I'm offering you up a combo pack of my random thoughts to enjoy on the hot summer day.  Please feel free to add your own random.  It always makes me feel better to hear that I'm not the only one that does that.
  • I'm still doing the couch to 5k program.  Tonight's run is the last of week 3.
  • Since starting this exercise program and maintaining my 1400 calorie diet I have gained 2 pounds.
  • Don't be too jealous.
  • Rumor has it I run funny but it's okay because almost everyone looks funny when they run. 
  • My girls are in swim lessons.
  • My life is consumed by swim lessons.
  • I have chatted with 3 other mom's at swim lessons, all of whom have a daughter named Sarah.
  • I have this weird thing about how the radio cannot be on FM 100 if I ever get in a car accident because for some reason I don't want anyone to know I listen to the occasional song on that station.  
  • Maybe sharing that with you will make me slightly less neurotic about it.
  • My hair is falling out at a disturbing rate.  CG said that I'm just losing my winter coat in preparation for the hot summer.  Ya know, like a dog.  
  • Babs had both peanut butter AND pieces of sucker in her hair this morning.
  • I'm hoping the chlorine took care of that.
  • Lolly is turning into the book nerd of my dreams.  I actually had to tell her to put down the book and come eat lunch today.  Graphic novels are an especial favorite.
  • Babs is loving the reading thing too and I think has read all of her beginning reader books at least twice.
  • We are a family of happy little book nerds.  Or word nerds.  I like both phrases.
  • I'm still obsessing about my garden.  I think it's a healthy obsession.  
  • Last night I made the first 2 batches of pesto this season.  
  • I think basil might be my favorite herb.
  • But don't tell my other herbs that.  I don't want it to hurt their feelings.  
  • I'm trying to reorganize my kitchen.
  • It's not working out too well.
  • My hope is to move on the rest of the house after the kitchen is done.
  • My house may never be organized at this rate.  
  • I can't believe that June is almost over.
  • I better get going on all those awesome summer plans I've made.
  • Or maybe just make some summer plans.
  • Just kidding.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve.
Well, I guess I really should get back to my kitchen organization project.  I've given the counter plenty of time to clean up it's act but it just does not play well with others.  **sigh**


Emily said...

I love all you random thoughts...and book nerds. Especially book nerds.

Kristina P. said...

See, that is an excellent reason not to diet or exercise. Your body will rebel.

erin leigh said...

You're hilarious. I was laughing out loud reading this post. You really need to write a book or funny!

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