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Friday, September 21, 2012

A Quiet Moment

Life is crazy.  Life is busy.  I feel like most days we just go hurtling through our lives at warp speed, trying to get it all done.  The thing with this stupid surgery is that it has completely forced me to slow down.  I just can not keep up.  Part of it is because everything is just so blasted hard to do with one arm and part of it is my body just doesn't like having surgery and is difficult when it comes to recovery.  Perhaps I should stop having surgery, yes?

The problem with the warp speed life is that you just miss so much.  You miss the little moments.  The moments that seem unimportant but are really the moments making up the kaleidoscope of your children's lives.  Last week I got to soak in a quiet moment.  And because I can do very little, I was just sitting at the kitchen table, watching my family and able to take it all in.  

Lolly was sitting at the table next to me, playing a game on the iPad.  She's so funny to watch because she totally gets into it, laughing and talking to the game.  Babs was at the kitchen sink washing tomatoes and occasionally wrapping one tomato in her dishcloth and pretending it was a microphone.

CG was standing at the stove putting the blanched tomatoes into canning jars to put up for the winter.  It was his first time canning tomatoes (very big deal), but it wasn't what made this moment significant.  Generally speaking, I would be the one standing at the stove, canning tomatoes, oblivious to the perfect moment surrounding me.  On the surface, it would seem completely insignificant.  Just another day.

And it was.  Just another day.  Another perfect day.  Not because everything was perfect, but perfect because we were all there.  Together.  Doing the little things that make up a lifetime.      

It was simple.  And beautiful.  An ordinary moment that I hope I never forget. 


Michelle said...

Sounds like a nice evening with your family. Hope your shoulder will be good as new in no time!

Kristina P. said...

You are such a good mommy.

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