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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Glimpses of Christmas

As usual, our holiday festivities are best summed up in pictures. And maybe a snarky comment or two.  What's not to love?!  Nothing!  Everyone loves a highlight reel. 

First and foremost, the visit from Santa.  The big guy comes to our family party every year and I can tell you, he is the most awesome Santa you will ever see.

This is one of my most treasured Christmas presents.  I have been waiting five years, FIVE YEARS!, to get this picture.  A picture of both my babies in Santa's lap with no screaming or crying.  This was Babs' gift to me this year.  I love it!

And of course, taking the UTA train to see the lights on Temple Square.

There were school sing-a-longs and dance recitals. 
 Seriously, they are the cutest little dancers EVER!

And after the dance recital, they were the tiredest little dancers ever.

Barely managed to pull together a small gift for the teachers, but I did make it to Babs' gingerbread house making celebration in her class.  I figure that's worth some bonus Mom Points.

Unfortunately, our Christmas also looked like this......
Poor Lolly has been sick since last Saturday.  (I had the same icky virus and it took me two weeks to get over it.  Luckily, she seems to be on the mend.)  So we were not able to attend our usual holiday parties, but we still had a very nice Christmas.  And a WHITE Christmas.  The girls even managed to get the reindeer food out on Christmas Eve.  

New jammies were opened and worn, so things were as they should be.
 I made some peppermint bark popcorn (from Our Best Bites) and it was amazingly good. 
Also, this ornament is as old as I am.
She is aging so much better than I am.  I think her secret is the sequins. 

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