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Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh yes...Our Christmas Letter!

Yep, it's that Christmas Letter time of year.  And for those of you not lucky enough to get one (oh, I slay must be grateful to not be on that list.) (which is big this year since I only printed 48 cards) (I may do better next year....we'll see) I'll share the beauty of our letter right here on the little ol' blog. 

2012 held its’ usual excitement and adventure for our family~~~

In January, Lady broke her nose for the fifth time (while doing laundry) and had surgery to repair it.  She is considering going for a world record on the lamest ways to break a nose. 

In April Babs turned 5!  She had been waiting months for this & it did not disappoint.  The birthday celebration she chose to have at a bowling alley also did not disappoint.  Babs has since turned 5 and a HALF which has also brought significant excitement into our life.        

In May, CG’s team with Mega Corp moved to a new facility & he is enjoying his shorter commute.  He spends his day doing computer programmy things and enjoys all things techie.  He has a special appreciation for Tiny Towers.    

Babs finished up preschool & couldn’t wait to start kindergarten.  Lolly finished first grade in June.  And then came swimming lessons.  Our life was consumed with swimming lessons.

Our garden also consumed our life this year.  We grew peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and more.  We even grew pumpkins which was especially exciting since we didn’t plant them.  Our little garden started out in neat little rows, but by the end of the season it had grown to resemble the chaos that so accurately describes our life.     

Both girls started at a new school this year.  Lolly started second grade and Babs started kindergarten.  They love their new school and have made many new friends.  Although it is a bit of a drive (3 times a day this year thanks to half day kindergarten) it has definitely been worth the change.      

In September, Lady had surgery again!  This time on her shoulder.  She has reconsidered her previous goal and is now going for the record of lamest ways to injure oneself.  Why limit it to the nose?

The girls started dance lessons in the fall and are loving every tap and twirl and pliet.  They just participated in their first official dance recital and not only got to dress up in fun costumes, but also got to wear make up!

Lolly turned 8 this year and was baptized in December.  She was very lucky to be surrounded by people who love her to celebrate this exciting decision.  She still has not stopped smiling.

It has been a busy and fun-filled year.  We have been so blessed and had many wonderful opportunities.  And we are lucky to share many fun times with family and friends.  We hope this letter finds you happy and healthy.  And we wish you a merry and bright 2013!  

 Yes, a picture of our picture.  I'm klassy.

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Emily said...

I need to see that Lady girl sometime soon. I miss her.

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