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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tip Tuesday-Shoe Buying!

Girls need shoes.  Lots of shoes.  Women need shoes, too.  Lots of them.  There is a simple beauty in shopping for a new pair of shoes.  Trying on shoes will never make you feel fat.  Ever.  Shoes will give you unconditional love and support.  They are always you're friend. 

Now here's a fun tip that I learned a couple years ago.  You may already know this, but I figure if I didn't figure it out till my 30's, there is a possibility that other people haven't figured it out either. 

My shoe size is pretty average.  I usually wear a size 7-7.5.  Oddly, I used to wear a 6.5 (for almost 20 years) but with my second pregnancy my feet grew.  Or perhaps they just swelled so large and didn't have the motivation to go all the way back down to the original size.  It was such a tragedy to have to replace my entire shoe collection over the next few years.  Let's be honest, my shoe collection is in a constant state of evolution and is always in need of being updated.  I'm not always in the pursuit of new shoes, but the desire is definitely there.   

Back to the fun tip.....girls shoe sizes and womens' shoe sizes overlap, but not in a predictable way.  A woman's size 7 shoe is equal to a girl's size 5.  And girls shoes go up to size 6 in most stores.  So, if you wear any size up to size 8 in women's shoes, you can also wear children's shoes.  Which comes in handy when you're looking for pink sparkly ballet flats to match your daughters' shoes.  Of course, who doesn't need a pair of pink sparkly ballet flats?! 
Not only does this handy dandy tip double your shoe options, BUT it should also be mentioned that children's shoes are also less expensive.  Especially when it comes to clearance.  Those cute little pink sparklies were only $6. And yes, I bought them in multiple sizes for the girls for the next few years because....well, pink sparkly shoes for $6 pretty much sums it up.  

And in other shoes news, I got these cute little beauties at a thrift store recently.  I love them.  And I figure they're not too shabby for $3. 

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Kristina P. said...

Nice! I wonder what size Mr. T would wear.

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