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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Fly On The Wall

I've always wanted to be a fly on the wall.  See what other peoples lives are really like, instead of the life as it appears to be.  The good, the bad, the ugly....mostly good I hope.  Although we all have our "what in the name of all that is holy" moments.  That's when my family knows I am teetering on the edge and they quickly re-evaluate their current behaviors and immediately make the necessary modifications. 

Which gets me to thinking.....what would a fly on my wall see?  And would that fly share it on my blog?

Of course she would. (Our fly is a girl)

I now present to you 30 minutes of my life from an evening this week.  No gory details will be left out and all names have already been changed.  While every 30 minute block of time does not include these same events, it's a fairly accurate representation of every 30 minute block of my day. 

It's after a later than planned dinner and the girls have already been sent to get in jammies and brush their teeth.  I'm sitting in the kitchen and decide that this is the perfect night to spend in my jammies so I head down the hall to slip into something a little more comfortable. 

As I'm leaving the kitchen, I realize my girls are all ready for bed, and wrestling in the front room, but have not gotten the official instructions to progress to the book time portion of the evening.  Well, I took care of that pretty quick.  A girl needs her beauty sleep.  

As I'm walking down the hall to their room to set their book time timer, I see the dirty laundry (bed linens) on the hallway floor anxiously waiting to be washed.  I did manage to set their timer before heading to the laundry room, having remembered that the load of laundry I had started earlier in the day was also waiting anxiously for my attention.  

After hanging up a variety of pink and ruffly delicates belonging to the girls, I figured that since I was there I might as well put another load of laundry in to wash.  Throughout my laundry escapades Babs had decided to join me and started matching socks.  

Once I was done with the laundry room, I headed to my room to change into pajamas of course.  As I went to close the draperies (I cannot type drapes because it was drilled into my brain in college that it is draperies and not drapes) and happened to see a bird in the tree.  It was dusk and I couldn't tell if it was a blue bird or a robin.  I love blue birds.  And of course I just had to know if this was a blue bird.  CG obliged me by handing my a pair of binoculars and we discussed the potential for being labeled creepy if people were to see us looking out the window with our binoculars.  

The book timer goes off!!!  It's time to tuck those cute girls in bed, which is an event in and of itself.  Pillows and blankets and various comfort items are properly positioned and all the last minute, ultra important things that need discussing are brought up with the ultimate determination to postpone the inevitable....bed time.  

And when all was said and done, CG looks at me and says, "I thought you were going to put your pajamas on". 


Emily said...

Sounds just like our home!

Kristina P. said...

Riveting! This is definitely Lifetime Movie worthy.

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