Names have been changed to protect the innocent...and my husband...and me...but not the dog. His name is Dexter.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favorite-The Best Dog In The World

Dexter.  He is an awesome dog.  He's so awesome I've even forgiven him for that running away phase he went through a couple of years ago.  There are many reason why he's the best dog, but today I just have one.

A couple months ago, on a cold, cold night, both my girls decided they HAD to sleep in my bed.  My bed is comfy so I can't really blame them.  The girls love to invade our bed but they know that if they wake CG up he will kick them out and make them go back to bed in the cold and dark.  They also know that Mommy is a softie and can't kick them out. 

After the first child comes in, they snuggle up so close to me that we take up the space of one person.  We have a bit less than half the bed.  It's cozy.  And it's usually Lolly.  Then Babs discovers she no longer has a roommate and comes running into my room like someone is chasing her.  But she's not so scared that she has forgotten the rule.  Don't wake up Daddy.  She usually opts for sleeping on me for minimal impact on waking up the other half of the bed.  And I mean literally on top of me. 

On this particular night I was really tired and desperate for some sleep.  I decided that was more likely to happen on the couch.  The girls didn't really need me....they just needed my spot on the bed.  But I took my pillow. of them. 

Off to the couch I went with my pillow and a  blanket.  But it was cold.  Really cold.  I was shivering and wishing I had thought to call Dexter with me on my way out.  But I was too tired/cold to get up to go find him. 

So I whisper yelled for him.  We were literally on opposite ends of the house but I still whisper yelled for him.  The poor dog was sound asleep.  There was no way he would hear me. 

And about a minute later I heard the familiar jangling of his collar as he was going room to room looking for me.  He finally found me on the couch and I promptly called him up to keep me warm.  He may have taken up half the room on the couch, but I didn't care.  My puppy had come to take care of me. 
He really is the best dog in the whole world.  And he's ours. 


Messy Musings said...

what a sweetie that Dexter is!!

woops, sorry about that. didn't mean to use exclamation marks so carelessly like that... especially since you have previously mentioned how crazy it makes you. Bahahahaha!!

Kristina P. said...

I love him! Why didn't I meet him at your house?

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