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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Please Say You're Not Talking About Your Armpits

Oh but I am!  I'm actually going to blog about my armpits today.  But I won't show you pictures.  If you've seen one armpit, you've pretty much seen them all.  Except for the armpits that you really don't want to see.  Some things just can't be un-seen.

A few weeks ago my cute friend Kathy contacted me to see if I would be interested in being a brand ambassador for Elase Medical Spa.  At first I just saw the word "spa" and thought to myself, I could use a massage.  Massages are nice, but that's not what Elase does.  Elase Medical Spa offers a variety of skin care treatments including laser hair removal, chemical peels, photo facials, Botox injections, Dermapen treatments, lip injections, skin care and many other options.

When I first met with the lovely ladies of Elase I was a little overwhelmed and nervous about all the possibilities.  I had a lot of questions and they patiently answered each one.  Every single person at Elase that I have interacted with have been so kind and comforting and real.

This is a brave new world for me and I decided to give laser hair removal a try.  I was reassured that it was a fairly painless process with little to no side effects.  But I am the person who gets their eyebrows waxed a few days before going on local television and ends up with a Klingon forehead. Remember?  At least we can laugh about it now.  But my experience of being the delicate flower that I am, I was a bit skeptical about how I would react to the laser hair removal.

Yesterday was the big day.  I was all ready to go (freshly shaven, per request) and put the Dr. Numb numbing cream on my armpits like I had been told.  But since I am still me, I didn't put enough on to actually make anything numb.  Like, at all.  And the butterflies in my tummy were not happy with me.  They were already aflutter with the idea of lasers being shot at me and then I didn't use enough numbing cream.  But can we expect any different from me.  It's just how I roll. 

But I was determined to overcome my uneasiness and do this!  I was excited!  I was nervous!  I was keeping my focus on being excited!  Mary Kate was the aesthetician who worked with me and she was nice and completely patient with my quirky self.  She even made sure we had matching eye wear!
Not sure what's going on with this's a little squished. 

And humored me when I asked her to pose with a laser.
The actual treatment took less than 30 seconds on each arm.  And I didn't really need the numbing cream after all.  It was cold and over so quickly that I didn't have time to notice if it hurt.  Clearly it didn't.  Even though I had been told that it was a super quick procedure and pretty painless, I was still shocked at how quickly it went.  I was still a bit skeptical and watched carefully to see if I would have any side effects from my treatment.  And.....nothing.  Not a single thing.

Although I've always thought that I would like laser hair removal, I have always assumed that it was just too expensive.  Elase Medical Spas recommends 8-12 treatments for more permanent results and offers a program that you can purchase that allows you to get all the treatments you need (for a specified area) over an 18 month time period.  If this is something that you've been considering, now is a good time because underarm laser hair removal is 50% off for the rest of May.  If you're interested in a more Brazilian style of hair removal, it is 30% off throughout May.  And monthly payments are an option you can take advantage of to make it that much easier on your budget.

And now you know everything you never knew you wanted to know about my armpits.  Just you wait till I tell you all about getting a Brazilian!  Oh, I kid.....maybe.....


Jessica W said...

Loved this! I'm one of those who is scared of laser hair removal as well... so it's nice to know it's not as scary as I thought! Would love to hear the "results" down the line too!

Unknown said...

Ha - I think I would be nervous as well. I would really love to hear the results and if the hair really stays gone :) Thanks for sharing about your armpits! I thought I would never saythose words.

Ashlee Marie said...

I usually wax EVERYTHING, I've been dying to try laser hair removal! Glad it was so easy for you!

H said...

Oh my gosh, I DREAM of getting laser hair removal for my underarms. I get the worse razor burn under there... I've tried all kinds of stuff but I still always get it.

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