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Friday, June 28, 2013

Couch to 5K Fail

You may (or may not) remember about a year ago when I started the Couch to 5K running program.  I was dedicated.  I was determined.  And I was derailed.  Over and over again.  Usually at week five.

The first time around I was doing my week five runs and it was intense.  The first run is 5 minute intervals, the second was 10 minutes and the third was 20 minutes.  All in one week.  I found this so intimidating to be jumping from a five minute run to a 20 minute run in one week.  I thought for sure that I couldn't possibly do it.  So of course I couldn't.  I just kept doing the first run of the week over and over again.

And then I had shoulder surgery.  Talk about getting derailed.

Fast forward a few months to January.  I was officially cleared to start running again but seeing as it was January in Utah, the air was too toxic and crunchy to actually run in.  Or leave the house safely.  Enter the treadmill.  CG and I decided to invest in a treadmill.  Now I know for a lot of people exercise equipment quickly becomes a new and expensive form of alternative storage for clothes, files, etc.  I'm happy to announce that our treadmill doesn't store anything except the occasional selection of plastic picnic food brought over by the girls.

So I started the Couch to 5K program.  Again.  And I got to week five.  Again.  Clearly I had a mental block with week five. 

After a lot of thought and even discussing it with my doctor, I just decided to jump on the treadmill and run as long as I can.  And then just keep adding to my time as I could without worrying about sticking to a specific program.

That first run I ran a mile.  The second run was only a half mile, but that's okay.  I was running.  And without the stress.  Running programs work really well for some people and the Couch to 5K program really helped me get started but when something isn't working for you anymore it's time to find something new.

Now I run three days a week and do strength training exercises two days a week.  I finally invested (this week!) in a good pair of Asics running shoes and it's made a big difference.  And they are pink.  That's always a bonus.  My girls made me a running chart and every time I run they put another sticker on my chart.  Seriously, I don't think they can get any cuter!  They always ask how far I ran and fight over who gets to put the sticker on the chart.

And today, when I finished my run and finally reached my goal of running two miles, they cheered.  My babies cheered for me.  Even though I look funny when I run and for some inexplicable reason I keep kicking myself on the inside of my ankles (it hurts and leave sores) they were so happy.  And so was I.


CG said...

Happy two miles Babe! You are truly an inspiration

Janet said...

We all need a cheering section... could you send your girls to my house?
As I'm reading this and silently cheering for you too.
Blog On

Emily said...

You are awesome! I love your little cheerleaders' chart, that is too adorable. I really think if more adults were given cute sticker starts, much more would be accomplished in this world.

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