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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tip Tuesday-Easy Gift For Teachers

As I was trolling through Pinterest looking for a cute and easy end of year gift for my girls teachers (we all did that, right?!.....) I was a bit....overwhelmed.  First of all, a lot of these gifts looked pretty expensive to put together.  Or extremely time consuming.  Plus, I like having my girls make the gift for their teacher and most were beyond their ability at this time.  But we have the old stand by....the glittery apple. 
One teacher's favorite color is red and the other teacher's favorite color is green.  That worked out well.  These are pretty fun and the girls had a great time.  They require a bit more planning but they are covered in glitter so who wouldn't love that?!

This year we shook things up a little and added a cute jar of candy.  I found this jar at the dollar store and filled it with a rainbow of flavors, via Skittles.
I'll probably come up with a cutesy, possibly cheesy, saying to go with it.  I'm sending them to school tomorrow so I should probably come up with something quick. 

The moral to this story is that you really can put together a cute gift for your child's teacher without spending a ton of money or many hours putting it together.  It may be a simple token of affection but most teacher's I know just appreciate it when you acknowledge how hard they work.  Everyone loves a little sugar.


Anonymous said...

Those are very nice. We bought a couple of terracotta pots and used a Sharpie to write all of the students' names and then clear coated it. Thinned out our aloe plants and put one in the pot. Their last day was yesterday and their teachers loved it.

Emily said...

So cute!

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