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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Book of The Week! A is for Abigail by Lynne Cheney

As we were wandering the library a couple of weeks ago, I saw this book and just had to get it.  It's an Almanac of Amazing American Women and I have two very good reasons why I thought this would be a great book for my girls to read.  Those two reasons being Lolly and Babs.

The book is written is a simple form and follows the alphabet to share lots of information about some amazing women.  It's written in a fun way with wonderful illustrations that keep you staring at the pages long after you've finished reading.  The book includes information on a variety of women from Abigail Adams to Laura Ingalls to Anne Hutchinson.  You'll learn about Rosie the Riveter, quilt makers, performers, scientists, writers, artists and more.  We have LOVED this book!    

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