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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Simple Organizing Tips!

Recently I wrote about my New Year's resolution to simplify my life.  In my quest for simplification, I (unfortunately) can not neglect the role of organization in my life.  When things are organized, life is just simpler.  It's a painful truth for those of us that secretly think we're destined for our own episode of Hoarders.  And while it might seem easier to just get rid of everything, that's not exactly a reality either.  We have to take the mess we have, get rid of what we can and organize the rest.

Here are some DIY tips for the New Year that give some great tips for organization and also for sprucing things up and making it fun again.  My favorite is the homework caddy.  We already have a homework caddy that gets used every day!  The only problem....the holes in the basket weaving just beg for things to fall out and get stuck.  But as you can see from the picture, this can easily solved by just sticking some cups in to corral the strays.  Now I have a good use for all those kiddie to go cups that my children insist on keeping because they are so very special.  Everyone wins!

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