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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tip Tuesday- All Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash

We've all heard about or read about (or saw on Pinterest) a variety of fruit and vegetable washes that you can make at home or buy for a lot of money.  In my pursuit of simplifying my life, I've been using the simplest version of fruit and veggie wash that I have found.  And I'm happy to say that it works amazingly well! 

Here's the magical secret.....

Fill your clean sink with water and add a cup of vinegar.  Then let them soak for ten minutes.

That's it!!  You can wash a sink full of produce for about 30 seconds of your time.  I had heard that this particular fruit/veggie wash helps keep berries good longer and I can tell you, it really does!

These berries were purchased six days ago on super sale (which usually means "very ripe and needs to be eaten quickly"...I've learned this the hard way) and I washed them in the magical wash.  This is what they look like today.
This is amazing people!  And so easy!  One more simple step towards world domination.  Or at the very least, clean fruits and veggies.  

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