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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Determination of Babs

As those of you who know my girls, you know that they have, shall we say, strong personalities. They were born with a full set of opinions and the ability to express them...loudly. This little story demonstrates how much determination can exist in one tiny little body.

One day while I was making bread, Babs was in her high chair right by me eating her newest favorite snack...a saltine cracker. Chicky was prancing in and out of the kitchen, having lost interest in the numerous cups of flour that I was adding. One twirl into the kitchen showed her that Babs, 9 months old at the time, had a cracker and she did not. Being 3 years old, she decided to take it from her. My back was to them, adding flour to the bread, but I heard this squealing in the background that made me turn to look. Chicky had both hands on the cracker trying, but not succeeding, to get it from Babs. And Babs had both hands clutching that cracker for dear life and was trying to scream while keeping her mouth locked around the cracker like it was the last one on Earth. Of course, at this point I intervened and gave Chicky her own cracker and Babs continued eating her cracker with a triumphant gleam in her eyes. I have a feeling that this is just the first of many power struggles between the sisters. Near as I can tell, they're pretty even for the time being.

1 comment:

Brad and Jenn said...

That's great!! Who knew one cracker could evoke so much emotion? That's all too familiar to us. You're liable to lose a finger if you try to take food from Sam!

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