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Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Favorites-First Edition

I've been trying to come up with something clever that I can do each week (like Tip Tuesday) on my blog and have mostly come up empty handed. I've run out of ideas for Tip Tuesday, although I did just realize that I did a tip for selling a house on Tuesday and didn't even mean to. Maybe it's more of a habit than I thought it was!
Anyway, so I'm thinking of doing something along the line of Friday Favorites. I'll just post something that I love to share with all of you. It could be anything really, so we'll just never know what to expect from me each week. Ooooh, can you feel the excitement?!
This week my Friday Favorite is a picture of Lolly. I took it last fall on our first trip as a family to the zoo. I'm sure you can tell why it's one of my favorites.

It looks like they're looking right at each other! Honestly I think they were.
Tune in next week to see if I'll actually come up with anything!


Brad and Jenn said...

I love that little Lolly! She is too cute. The zoo if one of my family's favorites too.

Michelle said...

That is a cool picture!

Our dinner earlier this month was fun. It was good to see you and have some mommy chit chat. Next time we will have to talk about something other than breast feeding and delivering a baby! I told Tina we will have to have a BBQ sometime soon since it is warming up.

jillytacy said...

Great picture! Zoo trips are always fun!

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