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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fancy Meeting You Here!

Friday night was quite exciting. Instead of going to my usual one and a half hour long exercise class, I ended up playing hooky with my family. In honor of missing my class, we went out to dinner! I'm such a health nut. Then we headed off to the park so that Lolly could put all of her high octane energy into good use and not into something that would get her into trouble.

CG needed a part for one of our various yard care contraptions and since Home Depot is so close to Old Navy I asked him to drop me off there so I wouldn't have to get dragged into the home owner vortex that is Home Depot. As all of you know, we have had our house on the market for a while and in a vain attempt to make our house appear more "spacious" we packed half of our lives. I thought that I had kept out the next size of clothing for Lolly but have since found that I didn't. Poor Lolly. She's been running around in some less than comfortable summer clothes and midriff baring shirts looking like her mother clearly doesn't know how to dress her child. Or dress ups. I thought I might find some bargains on summer clothes at Old Navy so that was my official excuse for going.

As I was wandering through Old Navy I saw a woman that looked extremely familiar, but just about everyone looks familiar these sleep deprived days. But I decided to get a closer look anyway to see if it was who I was thinking it was. Then I happened to see a cute little girl with little blond curls and was pretty sure I knew who it was. It just had to be one of my favorite bloggers.....the one and only Hairyshoefairy! So, I mustered every ounce of courage my hermit self has and said that she looked familiar and asked if we knew each other. She said she didn't think so, but I was just positive it had to be her! Exposing myself as a total stalker, I asked if she had a blog. Then we started chatting and laughing like we've been friends forever. It's funny how you know so much about someone that you've never met just because you read their blog. Being the prepared blogger that she is, she pulled her camera out of her very cute purse and took our picture. Can I just say how unfair it is to have your picture taken after a long and less than attractive day next to someone who is very photogenic?!?! As a side note I think I need to break out some bronzer or something cause I'm kind of glowing and not in a good way, more of an "other worldly" way.

So we chatted and laughed and talked about how totally odd the situation was, but it was so much fun. CG and Lolly came to pick me and Babs up and got to meet them, too. Have you ever noticed that when you're out in public not looking your best you will ALWAYS see or meet someone and be wishing you had actually brought the diaper bag with you so that you could wash the guacamole off your baby's face and clothing or the ketchup off your toddlers face?! Wait, you mean that doesn't happen to everyone? Just me? Huh.....

We continued to chat until Lolly had totally worn out CG and left him begging for mercy. HSF and I made plans to get together with our kids and said goodbye. We also made a deal...I'll help her with her mantel and she'll help me with my hair. I think I'm getting the better end of that bargain! Then we purchased a new pair of flip flops for Lolly because what girl doesn't need another pair of shoes?! As we were standing in the check out line, we saw HSF come running back in the store looking slightly panicked and then ran back out a minute later. But now we all know about her less than legal hobby! He he. We've all been there before!

My girls and I are totally looking forward to playing with our new friends. Lolly even recognized them when she saw their blog this morning. Thanks not thinking I'm a stalker HSF! I had a great time chatting with you!

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jillytacy said...

Sounds like lots of fun! How cool to meet someone from blogland!

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