Names have been changed to protect the innocent...and my husband...and me...but not the dog. His name is Dexter.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Favorites-Of The Canine Persuasion

Dexter is the last one in my little family so far to be immortalized in a family favorite. Today is his big day. Right now he's asleep on the living room floor on a blanket he knows he's not supposed to be on. I just don't have the heart to wake the big hairy guy up and make him move.

Dexter's fabulousness is best told in pictures.

Here he is when we first got him 5 years ago from the Humane Society.
Cute little puppy.
And here he is doing a little anti-wrinkle cream commercial before his massive growth spurt that I still can't quite get over!
Here's Dexter going after some bubbles on his first camp out.
He looks a little crazy here but it's a good crazy.

Here is CG favorite picture of him. Dexter is a very good sport. He idolized CG.
And the convenience of how he can blend in with the floor is handy.
Even with his redneck lip, he still looks regal.
But, when all is said and done, how can you not love a face like that?!
We love ya Dex!!!

***Just remember these pictures the next time you're thinking about getting a dog. Adopt from the doggy shelter! They need homes too even when we have no idea what kind of dog it really is. OK, lecture over. ;o)

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