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Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog The Bobs, Baby

Another week has come and gone with me not posting one fine thing. Sadly, my words fail me now as well, but I have some cute photos to make up for it. This following is a "montage" of our Independence Day/weekend. And we all know me well enough to know that it didn't last just the one day, but the entire weekend starting on Friday.

Behold, our Celebration!

Matching Freedom Outfits
My Independent Girls
Freedom Toes
The official flower of Summer 2009
Freedom Food.....including the 'bobs.
Freedom Sparklers
Followed shortly thereafter with the application of aloe vera to Babs fingers.

Freedom Fireworks
In the jammies
Curly Tongues
Free To Sleep!
And all that.....just the 4th! A definite Friday Favorite! I'm still recovering. See you next week.


Kristina P. said...

They look so adorable! And that food looks so delicious.

zoo keeper said...

Let Freedom Ring.....Wish we were there!!

rychelle said...

your all american girls are adorable!

peewee said...

Hey! You look familiar!! I bet I've somehow met you or run into you somehwere! OR you just look like someone :)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

This post was worth the wait. I'll take Freedom wear any day of the week over actual words. Besides, your two are just too cute not to be the focal point of a blog.

Really hope everyone in your part of the world is enjoying summer!


Michelle said...

Love the cute matching Freedom Outfits and painted toe nails.

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