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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fantastic Sams...Or Maybe Not

Today, my friends, I have a filter-free post to share with one and all. It may end up being a post where you wish I shared just a tiny bit less. On the bright side, there is no throw up or boogers involved. At least on my end. I can't make any promises for you.

Things around the Chaos household have been a little.......difficult. Most especially for the Lady of the house. Bad reactions to suddenly stopping old medications. Bad reactions to starting new medications. Bad reactions to...reality. It's been...difficult. To share with you the dire straights that I've been in I have an example. My clothes...they've become a little holy. Not in a religious way, just as in a lacking material coverage sort of way. But I have lacked the fortitude that it takes to actually go shopping to find new shirts. Because it's just too much. Usually I have the desire to go shopping, but not the available funds. This time, I've got the funds, but no desire. See? I'm coping that well.

Yesterday, I decided to be a bit more proactive in my plight. I've been needing a hair cut for a while, since my last hair cut was in December. Last week while we were at the library I had even found a hairstyle in a magazine that I liked and took a picture of it with the cell phone. Nothing drastic since I'm growing it out for Locks of Love again, but shaped and styled so that it was more manageable for the summer. I was taking control, baby! I was going to drag myself out of this deep, dark hole that I've been in no matter what!

Or so I thought.

After CG got home from work, I headed out to Fantastic Sam's. Here is where I may have made my crucial mistake. Maybe I should have been warned by Kristina's post about Kate Gosselin being the spokesperson for Fantastic Sam's. Granted, I didn't end up with a backwards mullet, but that did little to make me feel better last night.

This is a picture of the style that I wanted (shoulder length bob). Fabulous photo taken with cell phone.
This is what I got. Actually this is what it looked like after I straightened it because she all but kicked me out of the chair as soon as the last lock fell.
Can you see that A-line there? It's slight....right there?? Yeah, neither could I.She cut off AT LEAST 4 inches. 4 INCHES! And what did I do about it? I smiled politely, paid for the cut, LEFT A TIP and walked out. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. That's the worst part. I've got such issues with confrontation that I just chickened out and left. Also, I was in a slight state of shock. But it was mostly the chicken thing.

When I got home and saw it in the mirror, I cried. Actually, I sobbed. Greatly. The first step in taking charge of my life just exploded in my face. And all over the floor at FS. My hair hasn't been this short in close to a year. Which means that I'm another year away from having enough hair to cut off to donate without shaving my head. No biggie. Also, it's ugly.

I decided to go back this morning, when she probably wouldn't be working, and complain loudly to the manager. I had also planned to let my children run amok in their salon just for good measure. I'm such a nice person.

Bright and early at 11 o'clock this morning I charged in with all my indignant rage and my two children. And was greeted guessed it, the girl who cut my hair last night. She didn't even recognize me at first. Maybe that's because I was dressed in unholy clothing and had make up on, but whatever. It totally took the snarky wind out of my sails.

She asked if there was a problem and I meekly explained that, yes, there was indeed a problem. LOOK AT MY HAIR!!! I was screaming on the inside, polite on the outside. She was just finishing up with another client and the she'd help me.

It was painful I tell ya. On the bright side, she did spend more time fixing my hair this time than she did hacking it off last night. But I was also treated to a list of reasons why this was my fault, including how peoples hair shrinks differently as it dries. Also, she seems to believe that a flat iron will regrow that extra two inches she cut off if you just use it right.

Now, it looks like this.
Much better than before, but still 2+ inches shorter than the original style I wanted. Yes, I am bitter. The bitterness will fade eventually.

So, here are a few things that I have learned from this experience:
  1. If a salon offers a free 10th hair cut after purchasing the first 9, there is probably a reason and you should leave.
  2. No, I will not be getting that 10th hair cut free.
  3. And, finally, I have a large man-ish face and don't like taking pictures of myself.
I hope you are all able to learn something from this experience. And remind me of this next time I'm getting antsy for a new 'do.


Suzie said...

And this would be why I'm afraid to go to anyone else but Chad.

Kristina P. said...

I think it looks amazing now. It's chic and sleek. But that's always so horrible!

I've been going to the same girl for years, and she puts blonde highlights in my hair. The problem with bleach is that it often never looks the same. About 6 months ago, I cam home, and it was super blonde and stripey. I gave it the weekend and still hated it and called her and she fixed it.

Happy Granny said...

You have a very sweet face, not manish in any way, but what's most important to remember is the only one who thinks Fantastic Sam's is fantastic is poor old Sam. I'm glad it grows fast so you can still do the locks of love thing. I , too, vote for Chad, because you may be poorer when you leave, but there is no trauma, only a fun time and great hairdo. xoxoxo

Michelle said...

It looks better after she fixed it. I think the cut looks cute on you! Sorry it cost you so much hair in the process!
Kudos for going back even if you were only angry on the "inside". I too avoid confrontation at all costs. :o)

hairyshoefairy said...

It does look nice now. Very pretty. But the first one? Yikes. Unless, of course, short and big is what you were going for, which, well, you weren't. I'd have been angry, too. Also, I totally didn't know Kate was FS's spokesperson. Ick.

rychelle said...

i really love it now!

i'm sorry you had to go through all that to get it to look good though.

Rebecca said...

Man-ish face? Not even close!! Next time you are in doubt - just stand next to CG and look in the mirror!! You will clearly see that you are the epitome of a fairy tale princess, standing next to your geeky knight.

I think it looks cute on you (the last photo, not the first). Next time you come to do a family lunch with CG - I want a better view of the new doo - so don't try to hide ;-)

~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

sorry you had to go thru all of that!!! but it looks really good now!!!

david mcmahon said...

Now that's what we call ``tress'' sense!

peewee said...

I love the pic of you sticking out your tongue!! You're funny ;) And the second cut is WAY cute! I'm just glad you actually went back in. There is NOTHING worse than not only getting a bad haircut, but when you leave a TIP for it? THAT makes you want to punch your own self in the face!

peewee said...

Oh and by the way, you look about 15 yrs old.

Alveybunch said...

I love the finished look! It looks great on you! You should be proud that you stood up to her and had it redone, I would of probably just cried and felt sorry for myself. Again I love the new look!

Saz said...

now this is an interesting one..because I sympathise wholeheartedly....and this happens to me a lot....and l am off to the salon later today and I want a change but just know it wont happen...

so I think I will write a larger pos based on this post if l may later when l know what i shall be moaning about, to short, to red, to blond, to straight, to thinny..too

Unknown said...

I totally understand. I have left tips when I was totally unhappy but too chicken to say anything. Never was I brave enough to go back the next day. Kudos to you for that.

The new "do" is nice!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Hi, I came over from David's authorblog. Congrats on the Post of the Day Award! And, the finished haircut looks great!

Brian Miller said...

congrats on the POTD mention! the final cut looks great. hair salons are scary places. letting the kids run amok...yes, that would do the trick. ha.

Deb said...

Hi ~ I could probably write a whole blog about the hair disasters I have had to deal with over the years! So glad you went back and confronted her - even if you were nervous about doing it. Congrats on POTD!

Brad and Jenn said...

I vote for Chad too because, as Brad has pointed out to me on many occasions, he's cheaper than therapy.

BTW, I really like to new hair cut, the post internal rage version of course!

Trace said...

Short hair is the way to go!!!

Just SO said...

FOUR INCHES!! Even if it two inches that is just crazy! Amazingly enough I go to Supercuts and usually have had a good experience.

I'm sorry that your step in a good direction blew up in your face. Although that last picture looks lovely. And you do not have a manish sized face! You look great.

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