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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Day Late and Probably A Dollar Short

I originally had this post planned for yesterday. But thing leads to another and you find yourself at the end of a long day totally exhausted and unable to type/speak a coherent sentence. Of course, better late than never right?! So! I present to you my Post of Thanksgiving. On December 1st. I know, I know...stop laughing.

It seems to me that around the Blogosphere and Facebook Land that many people are listing one thing each day that they are grateful for. I thought this was a great idea but lack the ability to post on either Facebook or my blog every single day. Instead, I'm going to post my 30 things that I'm grateful for all in one post in order to make it easier for YOU to return at any time to review my gratitude. And the posting issue previously mention. ahem. Let's just hope that I can actually make it to number 30 before falling asleep. And that you can make it to 30 before clicking on to the next, more interesting blog.

  1. CG-of course
  2. My Lolly
  3. My Babs
  4. Dexter ;o)
  5. Family
  6. Friends-real life and virtual life...there is a distinct possibility that I have more virtual friends that real ones. Sad. Anyway...
  7. Our computer-I'm totally laying in bed while typing this. Or is it "lying in bed"?
  8. Books
  9. Art projects with my girls
  10. Cleaning products to clean them up
  11. Bubble baths
  12. Hot showers
  13. Nail polish
  14. Painting my girls nails.....before and after, not necessarily during
  15. Birthdays
  16. Holidays
  17. Warm blankets
  18. Socks, especially the kind with decorations
  19. Shoes....LOVE shoes
  20. Pictures
  21.'s nice to have a tiny connection to others, even when feeling isolated
  22. Office supplies....I've always had a love for them
  23. Art supplies-crayons, markers, pencils, paint, pretty paper, sparkly things, etc.
  24. My sewing machine
  25. CG's wonderful job that provides for us so well
  26. Health Insurance
  27. Family dinner every night
  28. Story time
  29. Did I mention CG, Lolly & Babs? They get a second mention....
  30. Comments. Because I need a lot of positive reinforcement ;o)
Whew! We made it. And hopefully we're all still awake. On the bright side, I've been so very, very blessed that my list could go on and on and on. And on the even brighter side, I won't. At least not today.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a Goodnight!


Kristina P. said...

I am thankful for Reality TV and trashy magazines.

Camille said...

I'm thankful for your list of gratefulness. And I hear ya - activities with girls, fingernail polish, etc - gotta love little girls! :)

Messy Musings said...

I am thankful for well written and humorous blogs like this one to read!!

zoo keeper said...

i'm thankful for you my you think when our kids grown we can return to our days of innocence and and run wild again? Just to be able to see you more would be a wonderful gift!

zoo keeper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica G. said...

I'm thankful for my little rugrats, too. Although, my parenting skills are somewhat lacking...seeing as how my 4-yer-old busted out with Lady GaGa lyrics in Wal-mart today...

Jo said...

here is one more comment to be grateful for. I am grateful for the internet for bring fun people into my life and then letting me stay in touch!

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